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Meanwhile, upstairs at the country house, Letitia shows Lisa around, and I'm sure nothing bad will come of this. As Dirty Sexy Money kicks off Intercuttingpalooza I, Letitia "lets slip" that Karen did something very very bad, while back downstairs, Tripp lets drop the weirdest accusation ever, asking, "Your family's history with my family has nothing to do with it?" Nick asks just what he's going on about, and Tripp says that as soon as he found out what Simon Elder's real name was, it all fell into place. His family used to work for the Darlings, we learn, but not before we run back upstairs to hear Letitia tell Lisa that she thought she knew about what happened. Lisa, as it turns out, didn't know whatever it is Letitia thinks she knew. But we can't learn yet, because back downstairs, Tripp drops the bomb that "Your father was my mother's lover." When Tripp's father found out, Tripp explains, he dismissed Simon's parents, and they took off for friendlier, socialist Russia, where life was utopian and everybody loved black people. They ended up in a Siberian work camp, where they died, leaving Simon Elder an orphan. Upstairs, Letitia lets it drop that Karen kissed Nick and declared her undying love. Downstairs, Simon clarifies that the Darlings shipped his parents off to Siberia without their consent. Oh, and he refers to Tripp as "desiccated," which Tripp takes exception to. However, that assertion, combined with Tripp's comment earlier in the show about being near the end of his life makes me wonder how much time he's got left on this show. Either way, Simon tells the room that his parents' names were handed over to the State Department. For infidelity? What a country! Patrick said he's heard enough, and says that, no matter who is telling the truth, he can't believe his father dragged all of them up there for this little display. It's why he hasn't trusted his father for years and never will again. He asks the room to tell Ellen he's gone out, and takes his leave in a huff. Simon takes off as well, and Nick runs to follow him. By the front door, Simon tells Nick that he was told he wasn't walking into an ambush, insisting that Nick stop lying to him. He says, "I will not be played." Until he meets Sofia Vergara and she's like, "Hi! I've never heard of money! You look poor and nice, and that's fine with me. English is hard!" Simon, obsessed with Tripp's age, tells Nick that he's going to give that "fossil" a war, if that's what he wants. Then he storms out the front door. Nick again claims that he had nothing to do with this, and Simon says that Tripp is a dangerous man. He reminds Nick of Tripp's brother, Kenneth Darling, who died a mysterious death. But Nick is quick to point out that no one but crackpots and Ron Paul voters (I'm paraphrasing) thinks Tripp had anything to do with his brother's death. Simon expresses one final ounce of skepticism before getting in his car and taking off.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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