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Back downstairs, Karen pours what definitely isn't her first glass of scotch, and offers some to Lisa before realizing it is empty. Man, if that country air doesn't make these people even classier than they already were. Lisa asks if Karen was this drunk when she kissed Nick, and Karen responds that they were both completely sober. Just then Nick walks in, and Karen tells him that Lisa knows about their kiss. Nick is like, "Yeah, not exactly our kiss," but the damage is already done. Lisa tells Nick that he is "unbelievable," and storms out. Nick asks Karen why she would do such a thing, and Karen legitimately gets to tell Nick that she didn't tell Lisa. Take a look at the Georges, people. This is what it looks like to get plaaaaaaayed.

Back in the city, Sofia and Jeremy sit on the roof of the Darling house, Jeremy telling Sofia that his dad works for this family and that they are all out of town. Sofia asks what Mr. Babison does, and he tells her that he's the Darling's limo driver. Sofia claims ignorance as to who the Darlings are, and Jeremy tells her that that he feels like she doesn't care how much money he does or doesn't have. Then they kiss. Sofia will doubtlessly be rounding first base and heading for home pretty soon, because girlfriend knows how to play.

Brian lies on the bottom bunk in his old bedroom, the top bunk empty except for Brian Jr.'s fencing uniform. Brian talks to his best friend, The Lord, telling him, "Please help the arbitrator to understand that I love my son." Meanwhile, the arbitrator walks out of her office, and a man bumps into her. She apologizes, and the man tells her to accept an envelope from Reverend Darling. Naturally, it is filled with cash. Luckily, this can only work out well for all involved parties.

Lisa, bags packed, storms down the steps of the country house, saying that she's off to her parents' house. Nick says that the only reason he didn't tell her was because he didn't want to fight over what was basically a peck on the cheek: "Her lips, my cheek." He says that he can't make Karen stop behaving this way, and Lisa asks if that's the excuse he'll use when they sleep together. He tries to tell her that Karen is delusional, and Lisa says that she's sensing a pattern that she thinks Nick is now a part of. She was never worried before (she wasn't?), but she has to admit that she is now. Maybe she could give Karen one night every other week and one Saturday night a month. I'm sure that will work out fine for Patrick and Ellen.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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