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Back at the George residence, it's time for the scene where Nick has to deliver some bad news to Lisa about having to spend more time with the Darlings than he thought he would have to, and Lisa struggles to be okay with it, deciding that she is okay with it as long as the scenario doesn't have anything to do with Karen. You know. That scene? You might not remember it, because this is only the eighth episode of this show, so you've only seen this scene eight times. Nick arrives home with a flower arrangement it looks like he picked up at Ralph's on the way, and Lisa tells him that this had better not be his way of saying he's missing Thanksgiving. Nick swears that he isn't, but adds that he has to postpone the painting until the weekend because he has to go up to the country house to broker the meeting between Tripp, Patrick, and Simon Elder. Which a) we already know; and b) if I tried to give that much information about my boring work life to my significant other, there would be a sound effect of fake snoring, followed by a quick change of subject. And if I were Nick's boss, I'd probably be like, "Hey, by the way, I pay you millions of dollars to deal with privileged information about many sensitive topics, so if you could avoid posting it all on oversharingwithmywife.blogspot.com, that would be super-helpful. Love, Tripp Darling. PS. What the hell is a 'blogspot'? I'm old!" Lisa tells Nick that it's okay, that she'll probably start painting because she knew he wouldn't get to it and wanted it done before the holidays. "Because, you know, I actually care." Yo, just hire someone.

Because they've never made this mistake before, Nick tells Lisa to come with him to the country house. Lisa says that Italy was bad enough and that she doesn't want to stay in the same house with the Darlings again. Nick responds that he has to go and would like very much for her to go with him. And again, I have sympathy for the wife who feels like her husband is slipping away, but if I were the Darlings, I'd probably be like, "Oh, awesome. Nick brought his wife again to screw up the whole dynamic and distract him from the doing the work we pay him so much for. Can't Yoko just stay home this one time?"

I don't know about this Jeremy-as-valet thing. I think I liked him more when he was dancing drunk on the Brooklyn Bridge. He was much more -- what's the word I'm looking for here? -- shirtless. I watched this episode at my parents' house on Thanksgiving weekend, and my brother and sister-in-law watched it with me. They'd never seen the show before, so after about an hour of backstory, we turned on the show. And seconds after they recognized Sofia Vergara from her role on Pamie's old show Hot Properties, they cracked this subplot in about eleven seconds, saying almost in unison, "She's playing him. She's playing him hard." Anyway, Sofia (yes, that's also her character name) comes down to the garage and tells Jeremy that she wants to leave her car overnight, seeing as she did a bit of drinking at dinner. She tells him she's going to get a cab, and then walks a few steps before stumbling and dropping her take-out box. Jeremy helps her up and tells her that he'll drive her home so that she can have her car in the morning. After some surface resistance she agrees, telling him how nice he is to help her out. With which Sofia opens up the take-out box and the entire New York Philharmonic begins sawing away, because that's how hard she's playing him.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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