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et back to her on that. But then we see him talking to Dan Rather. He's reading from his book about his mother's passionate fury about the arts, which has nothing to do with violence. Dan Rather acknowledges it's sickening how these things can be taken out of context. He brings up a story from Patrick's childhood when his mother gave him a kitten. Patrick's like, "Yes. Snowball." But Dan Rather says no, it was Cesar Trunzo, and he swore he'd name all his cats after New York Senators. Patrick looks nervous and says, "Well, there were so many cats..." Dan Rather says he never met a Senator named Snowball, and then asks Patrick if he really didn't write the book. Patrick looks dumbstruck.

Back in the "present," Rena says this story -- the newly elected Senator of New York is a plagiarist -- will do. Clark says she can't print that since he told her this in confidence. She says they didn't have a deal. He tells her to go ahead and print these stories, but if she stays quiet, he'll feed her the front-page good stuff as it happens. She questions him, but he says, "Would I lie to you?" She shakes his hand and says it sounds like a win-win. He escorts her to the elevator, where she tells him "Happy Thanksgiving" before going downstairs. He walks alone back to the room they'd done all their talking in, and takes a look at a bottle of Fantini Brothers wine, which they were drinking when he came up with that part of the story. Then he sees a newspaper ad that says "King Elon's," which is how he came up with Simon's 16-year-old son. He picks up a Ferragamo tie off the arm of the couch and puts it on, which led to the Ferragamo fashion show story. Then he sees a piece of sheet music on the piano titled "Coquilles Sonata," which led him to the islands. It's by Jean-Pierre Desjardins. There's a book called "My Kitten Snowball" under Patrick's autobiography on the table. The Darling phone rings, and Clark answers. He tells "Mr. Darling" that everything's been quiet and there's nothing to worry about. He wishes the family a Happy Thanksgiving, and that's it. So, that episode ended and absolutely nothing had advanced even a bit in the plot. Thank God we finally got to see that, right?

DeAnn is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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