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In comes Nola, telling them the officers don't want to testify against the Darlings. Brian mutters, "Sissies." But they leave. Nick tells Nola it's tough luck. She says he's not the Darling she wants anyway, and he says he's not a Darling. She says, "Aren't you? Come on. You're the Darling-est Darling of them all," and leaves Nick speechless.

Patrick's picking up the kids from school, when a mother approaches him. His daughter whispers that she's the one who thinks he killed Ellen. She introduces herself and compliments him on the eulogy, saying it felt like he was speaking straight from his heart to anyone who's ever lost a loved one. She adds that he'll make a great Senator. And we may have just turned this campaign around, folks. Nice work, Patrick. He thanks her, clearly overjoyed that it worked.

Jeremy knocks on Nola's door, and she says he's four minutes late. He stopped to get flowers, but she tells him he has only 60 seconds. He just wants to know if she set him up. She says she set herself up. She says she's such a good lawyer that she has developed a bad habit of getting involved with someone close to the case to create a challenge, and that's all this was. She starts to close the door, but he stops her and asks, "So, I'm, like, your handicap?" When characters as dumb as Jeremy call themselves a "handicap," I don't really have to add any commentary, now, do I? She says that the way she screamed when they did it in the limo proves he's not a handicap. He wants to come in and do it again. She tries to refuse, but he makes such a compelling argument, all, "I know you're trying my mom for murder, but I want you so much." She says it's just sex, and he says it's not about sex. She has the most beautiful face in the world, and, uh, have we heard this somewhere before? Oh, right, last week, when he told Lisa the Exact. Same. Thing. He elaborates this time, though, about her freckles, her ear, the back of her head. She says it can't happen, but he says it can, and that no one will ever find out. They do it.

And then Simon and Karen are in the tub, and he's telling her he made his case to Nick, but Nick didn't seem interested. He says he wrapped it up after about an hour and thanked Nick for his time. Man, this guy is shady. Karen figures Nick's not going to pick her, and Simon says he thinks she's right because at the end of the day Nick doesn't take her as seriously as Simon does. He really is good, because he sort of got both Nick and Karen on his side with his lies here. Although it would be pretty easy for Karen to tell Nick that she can't believe he didn't take Simon seriously, or something, and the truth would come out. But for now, she turns and kisses Simon. I think she's really, truly falling for him. I know there's some argument about this on the forums, but I think she is. I think he, on the other hand, is totally playing her. And all of this lying with her and Nick this week basically confirms that, as far as I'm concerned.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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