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Don’t, Tripp!

Tripp tells Nick that NBC will air the succession announcement live. Nick tells Tripp that's good and then adds that he'll take Letitia's case. Tripp acts surprised, but says it's wonderful news. He asks what caused Nick to change his mind, and Nick says, "We both know she didn't do it." Tripp just says, "Okay." And Nick adds, "And besides, Tripp, we're family." Tripp smiles what I think is a slightly worried smile, and Nick has a much more knowing, but still subtle, smile.

Lisa and Nick are in the kitchen. She's in a simple but lovely black dress, and he tells her she looks good. She says she has an interview at a gallery. He says that's good, but she says she's overqualified, and won't get it, but it doesn't matter, because she doesn't care. He asks her why she's going then. She says she has to do something with her life, with Kiki in school all day (ah, so that's where she is? "School"?) and since they're apparently not having a baby. She starts to walk out, but Nick brings her back with four words: "I took the case." She can't understand why, and he says it's because she's innocent, and it's complicated. Lisa says it's not complicated; it's that he can't say no to the Darlings. He asks her to please listen to him, because he knows what he's doing (thanks to Brian!). He asks her to have some faith in him. She says okay and that she'll see him at the press conference.

Tripp and Brian are in Tripp's office and Tripp congratulates Brian on getting Nick to take the case. Brian says he made a compelling argument and Nick finally saw the wisdom (which is actually exactly what happened, even though Tripp isn't privy to the whole "argument" and "wisdom" involved). Tripp tells Brian that it's very impressive and calls him "Son." Then he tells him there are good things ahead for him, and he shouldn't doubt it. They head downstairs to the press conference, where Tripp talks about how difficult the task of choosing a successor to Letitia has been (as if he'd know how difficult it was, since he passed the buck), and that all of the candidates were terrific. He starts the introduction, and Brian starts to stand, but Tripp introduces the new vice chair ... Nick George. And because my love for Brian is so deep, my heart goes out to him here and I want to throw things at Tripp, who they really have made ruthless and terrible in every way. Nick looks stunned, and not in a good way. He whispers something to Lisa, and walks forward. Karen receives a text from Simon that says, "It should've been you." Brian's clapping, and I can't tell if he's angry or upset or okay with this. Nick gets to the front of the room with Tripp, who whispers to him, "You're the guy, Nick. You can do it." Nick looks shocked and angry. But not as angry as Lisa looks in the back of the room. And Brian looks like he's verging on tears.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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