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Don’t, Tripp!

We don't get a speech from Nick before it cuts to the post-conference celebration. Nick is surrounded by extras -- oops, I mean party guests, of course. Karen asks Brian if he knew Tripp would pick Nick. Brian says he thought he was going to pick him, actually, and she busts out laughing and says, "That was never gonna happen." And I hate her again. She looks at Lisa across the room, and says to Brian that she must be so happy (I wouldn't bet on that). Brian responds, "Yeah, Tripp spreads joy wherever he goes." We cut to Nick and the extras, but he's excusing himself to go talk to Lisa. He tells her she looks beautiful. He swears he didn't know. She asks if he thinks it's because he took the case, and he says he has no idea. (I'm thinking it is.) She asks him if this is what he wants. He says he can't say he's thought about it until now, but it's not so bad. He adds that maybe he was wrong about having a baby, since they're at a really good place right now. She says no, saying she doesn't think it's a good idea anymore. He's confused. Tripp pulls him away, but he tells her he wants to continue the conversation later. She says she's not going anywhere. Nick follows Tripp into a room and they close the door as Lisa looks on tearfully. That's of course symbolic: He's turning his back on her and closing the door. It's pretty sad, except that she kissed Jeremy just last week. I feel like last week's episode should not have existed and was just thrown in to wrap up those open plots. So, I'm going to try from this point on to look at all of this without considering the stupid stuff that happened in the premiere. Because, some of those dropped threads notwithstanding, I actually do think this show is as excellent as it was last season, if this episode's any indication.

In two weeks: Brian's freaking out. Nick has a problem. Letitia's worried about something. Patrick wants to clear his conscience. Tripp's rolling his eyes. Jeremy and Karen are both half naked with their respective playmates. And it looks like Carmelita's back. Drama!

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Dirty Sexy Money




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