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When we zoom out from the TV this time, Lisa's watching, and she's at home with Nick. She tells him he looks cute on TV, and he says she should see him in high-def. Yes, Lisa, if you haven't, I highly recommend it. He looks pretty awesome. You do too, actually. The only ones on this show who really suffer on high-def, in my estimation, are Jeremy (and, hey, you're the one who kissed him) and Karen (what happened to her face?!). But I digress. Nick's calling Mayor Bloomberg (Lisa is shocked!) to thank him for "making this tribute possible." He hangs up and Lisa asks if Bloomberg's coming to Ellen's service. Nick isn't sure, and he snarks about the media frenzy surrounding Letitia's trial overshadowing Ellen's service.

Lisa asks if Nick's sure he doesn't want her to come to the arraignment, and he says he'll be fine. He's just going to be holding a lot of Darling hands. She asks who will be holding his, and he says Jeremy's pretty fond of the family. This is the point where, if I were Lisa, I'd say, "Well, at least it's not Karen," because he's been bad too. But instead she gets defensive because he said he wasn't angry anymore. He says he's not but "forgiveness isn't amnesia." Oh, how I wish it were, though, because that would make it a lot easier to never bring this crap up again. Lisa calls Nick closer to her and tells him she's ready to have a baby. Is it just me or is this the totally wrong time to bring that up? Because that makes it seem like you don't really want to, but are just saying it to detract attention or to make it seem like you are more committed to this marriage than you really are. He can't talk about it now because he has to help figure out the entertainer for Ellen's memorial service. Um, an "entertainer" at a memorial service? I believe that sort of defeats the point of the memorial. Lisa can't believe how much the Darlings ask of Nick and is surprised they haven't asked him to take Letitia's case. He says even the Darlings have their limits.

Which is the perfect segue to cut to Tripp telling Brian, "I want Nick to defend your mother." He thinks Deramian should make a graceful exit and Nick should take over the case. Brian smartly but snottily asks Tripp if he really expects Nick to defend the woman accused of killing his father, and Brian's father. Tripp points out that woman is Brian's mother and she's innocent, and must not go to jail. He proves that he's continuing his trend of being completely and totally manipulative by adding, "What jury could possibly convict her if she's being represented by the victim's son?" Seriously, why did they have to make Tripp less human this season? He seems so cold and calculating in every decision, whereas last season we got these poignant moments that made me want to trust him and even love him a little. Now? Not so much. Brian looks irked, so Tripp points out that something's troubling Brian, but then moves right on to business, asking what the board had to say. Brian says they're not happy, and want Tripp to name a successor, because they all think "she's going up the river tout de suite." Tripp believes she'll be proven innocent, but thinks a succession plan might keep people happy for the time being, so he's okay with it.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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