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Don’t, Tripp!

In the hall, Nick tells Brian there's nothing he can say to change his mind. Brian says, "I can't believe you. We ask you one friggin' thing." Nick: "Brian you ask me to do everything!" Brian: "Why shouldn't we? You don't think you owe this family? Your whole life we've treated you like a friggin' prince." Nick says he's not so much a prince as the clean-up crew: "I'm the guy who clears your tickets, plans your funerals, and calls Kenny G." Yeah, that is asking a lot. I mean, who would want to have to call Kenny G? Nick acknowledges that he's sometimes allowed to sit at the main table, but only until someone drops their plate and he's sent for a mop. Brian says that's what family is: "We're all expendable until we're needed. At least you get paid for it." Nick reiterates he's not taking this case, "now or ever." Yeah, we'll see about that. Nick storms off and Brian looks pissed.

Tripp approaches Patrick in an office and asks him if he's given any more thought to what he's going to say at Ellen's memorial service. Tripp says this eulogy could be a political milestone. Patrick, with a conscience, says it's bad enough they covered up her death, and do they have to capitalize on it? Tripp says they don't have to, but that no one is served by missing this opportunity, and that Ellen wanted nothing more than for him to win. Tripp says Patrick needs to be a human being (because Tripp is so familiar with what it means to be one). Patrick says he'll try.

Nola and Nick in the courthouse. She asks if he's Letitia's lawyer now, adding "Because that would be gross." He says he's not but he still represents the family and wants Letitia to be able to attend Ellen's memorial service. Nola thinks that's crazy talk, because Letitia should be in jail and that Nick should be thanking her for finding his father's murderer. He asks what kind of case she has, and she says, "Golden." Her evidence: a 40-year affair gone bad, a plane that's been tampered with, an eager witness, and eagerness to arrest Letitia if she shows her face outdoors. She adds: "Try me."

Nick's back at his office, where Karen's waiting. She's disappointed he's late, but he thinks maybe he should get a pass since he's been all caught up in trying to find someone to defend her mother in a murder trial. He guesses correctly that she's there to ask him to let her take over the company. She guesses that he wasn't even going to consider her. He's aware of her virtues (business experience, work with the Family Foundation) and he promises to take all of those things into consideration. Karen has an epiphany: "You're not going to pick me." Nick says he doesn't want to pick anybody, and that he was handed a live grenade. She says if she'd known when she was 10 that letting him see her with her shirt off would cost her the company, she wouldn't have done it, but she guesses she didn't know him then ... and apparently doesn't know him now. Oh, and Natalie Zea has her crazy bangs swept aside, and is looking much better. And her acting is back on track, too. I'm going to try to pretend that most of the first episode didn't happen as far as she's concerned.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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