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Nick tells the cops to let her go. He says he's the family lawyer and that he consulted with their boss (so, Nola's the cops' boss? How is that, exactly?) and there's been a misunderstanding. "Chubby" is like, "Oh, okay, then," without question, but Brian has to smart off once more telling him to get his jollies somewhere else. The cop says he's had it, and Brian says, "Why don't you bring it, Donut Hole?!" Nick steps in and says he'll take care of it, but the cop pushes him aside, and Brian PUNCHES THE COP. Seriously. It's both awesome and crazy.

Brian and Nick are in jail. I'm not sure why Nick was arrested, but apparently he got into the scuffle, too. Brian asks if Nick knows a good lawyer, but Nick doesn't think that's funny. Brian says he gets that Nick wants the company, and Nick says he doesn't. Brian misinterprets their conversation about Nick being "cleanup crew" as Nick saying he was always so close to the prize but never had it in his hands, and now he can. Brian continues: "Far be it from you" to pick a fight with Tripp, who can hand you the whole thing on a silver platter. Nick blurts out, "Dammit, Brian, I picked you!" Brian doesn't believe it, but Nick says to ask Tripp because he handed him a memo yesterday. Brian's still skeptical: "Why would you do that?" Nick says he's the best person for the job. Before I continue, I have to say that this is where it gets good in the way it was good last season -- those moments that elevate this show so far above a soap that I hate for anyone to use that word in association with it. Nick tells Brian that he's been the black sheep of the family his entire life, and he's still willing to do anything for them. Like sabotaging court documents to get people like Terry Deramian fired. Brian: "You found out about that?" Nick continues that Brian's a real pain in the ass, which is a pretty good thing to be when you are running a $50 billion company. Brian looks so beautifully sad and scared here, while Nick compliments him. It's a sweet brotherly moment, but not brotherly in the Supernatural, we've been brothers our whole life and would do anything for each other way. It's this new brotherly thing that neither of these guys quite understands how to deal with. But they both know it's something. You can see it all over their faces.

Then Brian asks Nick again to take Letitia's case. Nick asks why he's so committed to getting him to take it, and Brian says he knows his mom didn't do it, and if the only way to get her off is to have Dutch's son stand up and say she didn't do it, then that's what Brian needs to happen. He says, "She's innocent. And you used to be the kind of person who cared about stuff like that." Nick's frustrated, but it's Brian's turn and he's not stopping yet: "Besides, we both know who killed our dad." Nick asks who, and Brian says, "Who do you think? The woman he loved, or the guy he betrayed for the past 40 years?" Nick states the obvious: "Tripp?" And Brian confirms it, but says neither of them will be able to do anything about it, because "We all know how that works." And I think I am finally getting what Peter Krause was referring to when he said that "last year there was concern on behalf of the studio and network that the characters all be likeable and nice." Tripp is that character that they're going to sort of let be ruthlessly bad, which is why those moments of humanity we saw in him last season seem to be gone now. But if that means we get more moments like this between Brian and Nick, I am totally on board with that decision.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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