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"I Love You, Nicky"
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We open with the camera speeding across the deep blue sea. As we then fade to a shot of a large yacht motoring away, in VO, Tripp asks Nick whether he's heard anything about "that Better Manhattan Conference," and Nick replies that it's interesting -- a bunch of billionaires talking about how much real estate they own in the city. Tripp says that the real draw is the high-stakes poker game that goes on during the conference, which has a $20 million buy-in. We get shots of the contest, with the stereotypical Texan thrown in, because with the price of oil what it is these days, he's got to be ridin' high. We then see Tripp regarding an opponent appraisingly, and as his VO says that Elder is going to be there this year for the first time, we see the man in question, and oh, God, his outfit is ridiculous. Blue checked silk shirt, too many buttons open, with what looks like the jacket to a double-breasted tuxedo over it. On the other hand, it does look like something someone in the Russian mafia would wear. The gay Russian mafia, to be more precise. Elder "grandly" says it's time to take "this baby" to the next level. Shut up, Elder.

Back in Tripp's study, he's telling Nick (they're both in black tie, by the way) that it was Dutch who got Elder invited to the game, and that it was one of the last things he did. Forgive me, but I'm just not getting how Dutch was quite this influential, especially if Elder -- one of the richest if not the richest man in the world -- needed Dutch to be invited to rub elbows with this crowd. I mean, first Dutch is basically running New York, and now this? You'd think Nick, who barely has time left over after tending to the affairs of the Darling family to throw free money at people, would raise an eyebrow at all this, no? Particularly since it would make it likely that Dutch had as many enemies as the day is long? Tripp, however, is more concerned with pointing out that Elder conveniently neglected to bring this up during his dinner with Nick, and Nick agrees that whatever the two of them were up to, it seems likely that it didn't stop at poker. If my read of "creative conversation partners" is right, it was more like "poke him." (I am so sorry. I forgot to leave the Catskills puns with Big Shots where they belong.) Anyway, Tripp smiles that the game isn't for two more days, so they should get back to the party...

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Dirty Sexy Money




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