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Previously on... oh, right, there are no previouslies, because they hope we don't remember that this show used to actually be good. But they made these changes to save the show, right? And how's that working out for them, exactly? Well then.

Standard skyline shots to make us believe L.A. is New York. Then we're in Simon's. He's shaving shirtless -- and, can I just say, more shirtless Blair Underwood and this show might actually get uncancelled -- while Karen showers in his bathroom. She loves his shower, blah, blah, blah, fake relationship cakes. Her phone rings in the other room, and because he is moustache-twirlingly evil, he goes to get it. He answers and it's Nick. Of course. Nick doesn't want to leave a message. Simon acts sinister. And then he deletes the call, so Karen doesn't know it was Nick. He tells her it was a wrong number, and she asks him to come into the shower. They get it on, as her hand pressed against the shower door clearly indicates.

Nick tells Kiki she can talk to him about what's happening, so she asks if he still loves mom. He beats around the bush, saying that's a hard thing to talk about. Luckily, Lisa walks up before he has to, and he hands off Kiki. It's very civil and grown-up between Nick and Lisa, which I would trust if this were last season. But it's not. Nick invites Lisa on a date to talk. He doesn't like the separation, and tells her two weeks is "enough." (Um, hello, Nick George? Is that you? The same guy who broke Lisa's heart by leaving her two weeks ago -- not the other way around? Just checking.) She's not ready to be judged anymore. (Um, Lisa? Is that you? The one who didn't want Nick to leave? Okay then.) Anyway, they agree to dinner that very night. Lisa's mom will watch Kiki. Also, is this yet another cute, generic blond playing Kiki? Or is it just the hat making her look like someone new? These little Hollywood blondes all look the same to me, and therefore they also all look different. I can't trust my eyes.

Letitia's all incognito for some reason (bandana on her head, sunglasses on, coat bundled on) and getting in the car to drive. Clark tries to stop her drunk ass, but to no avail, as she drives off.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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