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Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse...

Simon's at Lisa's art gallery, claiming he came for the "art." He uses art to make a point about their relationships: Karen and Nick can't make up their minds. Lisa doesn't want to hear it. He tries to give her a disc of Karen and Nick talking in Simon's lobby in the last episode (I'm getting a little queasy just thinking about that scene again), but she won't accept it because she's not the kind of woman who spies on her husband. Which I think is just an act to make herself seem better than she really is.

Patrick and Nola are in Tripp's office, explaining why Patrick chose her as his chief of staff: He likes to be bossed around, but a) his wife's dead, b) Carmelita's gone, and c) he's sick of letting Tripp do it. Okay, that's not what he says. It's something about being his choice and independence, and other lies. It was Nola's choice and manipulation. Just like the fact that they want him on the agriculture committee in the Senate, despite Tripp thinking foreign affairs would be perfect for him if he wants to make a run for the White House. Nola is also totally rude to Tripp here about his age, acting like he can't hear Patrick because he is trying to argue his case. She even speaks up really loudly. Nick's cold back, but his cold isn't much compared to Nola's ice-queen thing. In fact, he encourages Tripp to "hear them out" on their committee choice. Strike one against Nick proving his loyalty to Tripp. After the meeting, Jeremy catches Nola and Patrick leaving the house, and Patrick tells him she's his chief of staff. Jeremy's not loving this.

Letitia is driving in her crazy get-up as she sings and bobs her head maniacally to "Mr. Big Stuff." It's so unsettling to see her acting like this that I can't wait for her to hit the bicyclist if only to shut her up. And then she does. She runs right into Clark Kent's fake wife, who bounces up onto the hood and everything?

Next thing we know, she's telling Tripp and Nick it wasn't her fault, because Hot Roadkill just pulled right in front of her. Tripp thinks the amount of alcohol in Letitia's blood might make her somewhat at fault here. He's also very sad about his car. Oh, and Hot Roadkill agreed to be treated right here at the house instead of going to an actual hospital, which means Letitia will get to avoid the tabloids. It also means that Hot Roadkill is going to walk around the house being hot the whole episode. How tedious. Letitia thinks Hot Roadkill planned this, and is trying to scam the family. I'm just not sure anyone could plan that whole thing: Get Letitia drunk, get her to drive herself, get her to zoom into the right place at the right time.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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