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Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse...

Nick goes into Hot Roadkill's temporary room where she says her name is "Wrenn Darcy." She says she's not planning on suing anyone, so his lawyer skills aren't really needed here. He pretends he doesn't care who she sues and he just wants her to have everything she needs. She does. She has a maid, a nurse, and a fluffer. Dirty! Oh, wait, a pillow fluffer. That's more television-appropriate. She tells him there's no family to call, because she works retail, which is more than anyone else in her family will ever do. And we all know that if your family is poor, you should not let them know if something big happens. She tries to leave, but Nick tells her the doctor wants her to stay. She insists, but then gets "dizzy" so stays in bed.

Brian and Andrea are meeting with a cancer doctor, who tells them her chances are not good. With chemo, she has a 10 percent chance of surviving more than a year. She wants to spend the rest of the time she has with Brian, not sick from chemo. There is an experimental trial, but it's almost impossible to get on. The waiting list is over a year long. But alone in the hall, Brian wants to buy Andrea into the trial. The doctor won't do it, but then Brian threatens to take his family's money away from the new children's cancer wing the hospital's building. He doesn't really care if Andrea wants to do it; he'll convince her. The doctor just needs to get her on that trial.

Nick's assuring Tripp that Hot Roadkill will be okay, and won't sue. Tripp is thankful. Nick thinks she should stay longer to avoid a scandal. Letitia still thinks it's unsafe having her here, but Tripp says the "injured party" gets whatever she wants. Letitia says "Shades of Lucy Tembrook" (or Tenbrook? My captioning didn't pick up this line at all, which is odd), but no one explains this.

Jeremy stops Nola coming out of her apartment. He's dressed like a real dandy in a foppish modern-day Robin Hood hat. Somehow Jeremy can pull this off, though. He tells Nola she's obsessed with all things Darling: prosecuting one, sleeping with one, or being the chief of staff for one. Nola says that Patrick has guts and generosity (for giving her a second chance after she lost her job). She tells Jeremy to get over himself, like she did, and drives away in her very fancy car.

Lisa and Nick are on their date. He thinks she's pretty, and she admits to being nervous. He tells her it's weird to wake up alone now. She doesn't wake up alone, though, because she's not sleeping. Nick wants her to move back in. (Wait, what?! She moved out? Even though he's the one who wanted it?) She wants that, too, except Simon's conversation has gotten to her. He tells her that it was all business, and he told Karen not to marry Simon, but just for the company. Lisa says she wants them to work, but they can't if Karen's part of their lives. He promises Karen won't be part of their lives anymore. They hold hands as ominous music plays.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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