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Nick walks up to Lisa, and she tells him that when they first moved to New York and his father offered to help them, they said no, because he wanted them to make it on their own. But now she sees this is who he is and where he belongs, and she's just a reminder of that time he tried to be something else. She says they're over, she's done, and then she turns and walks out. He quietly says, "I know." Dude, WTF?! Fight for her, you stupid jerk. Have I mentioned that I totally hate Nick? How did he not get slapped across the face in that scene, and when could it possibly be coming?

New York bridge and skylines. Nola is yelling at Jeremy for setting her up. He says that his mom found out about the relationship and just told him to keep it going. Nola can't believe he went along with it, but that really might make her the stupidest person on earth. Patrick might want a new chief of staff. Because, see, Letitia is his mother. There tends to be loyalty between children and their mothers, and between various other family members even -- which, wait, could Nola know anything about that herself? Nola says Letitia used Jeremy, and he says that's just part of being a Darling, and that Nola's pretty good at it herself, considering she's using Patrick. Which she is, but he thinks it's to get close to him because she still loves him. Which it is not, and I really think she doesn't. He makes sexy talk to her, but is interrupted by Patrick, who asks if she's ready to go. She is.

Andrea's getting Brian Jr. ready for bed. She asked if he had fun tonight, and he did because Uncle Jeremy's funny. She tells Brian Jr. she loves him and then "Sweet Dreams." Brian's watching at the door, and greets her when she leaves the room with and angry: "I thought you were going to tell him instead of just talking about my brother's comedic chops!" She says she changed her mind and is doing the trial. Because, after dinner, she realizes she can't leave her son alone with Brian and his family. She has to live. She walks off, and Brian looks thrilled. Which, for Brian, means he barely cracks a smile, but we can see it.

Nick's on another balcony somewhere, when Hot Roadkill comes out and asks if he's okay. He says this is par for the course, except it's usually a Darling throwing a punch, not his wife. She tells him he's lucky to have two women willing to fight with him. She's been in New York for three years, and hasn't found anyone. Even nice guys aren't nice. He asks if she's lost her faith in men. She looks at him seductively and says, "Not quite." And I am just really not feeling this. Are we supposed to understand why they would like each other, or feel anything about her other than, "When will she go away?" Because I don't. He seems old enough to be her dad, and maybe that's just because she was playing teenagers so recently, and he's in his 40s.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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