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Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse...

Back at the mansion, Nick's leaving. Tripp catches him and asks if he was leaving without saying goodbye. Tripp is all fake smiles, and Nick tries to be nice but knows he did something wrong. Nick asks about Karen, and Tripp says she's fine. Tripp asks how Hot Roadkill is, and Nick says she's not going to tell anyone and they can probably send her on her way tomorrow. Tripp says she's a lovely girl and Nick agrees. Tripp tells Nick that he's always thought of Letitia as the only woman he could ever be happy with, but now he thinks he might have been mistaken. Nick says good night and gets into the elevator. Tripp walks away and we see that Letitia was standing around the corner listening.

Nick is at Simon's and Simon's asking if he's there to see Karen. He's not. He's there for Simon himself. Nick reminds Simon that when he first started working for Tripp, Tripp told him Simon was the enemy. But Nick thought Simon wasn't so bad, it was just old money vs. new money. But now that he's seen what Simon's willing to do to get what he wants, he's learned that "no one has to pay me to destroy you; I'm more than happy to do it for free." Simon keeps his calm, despite Nick's anger, asking if Nick rehearsed that and saying he likes this new Nick, who is waking up and starting to think for himself. Simon thinks that soon Nick will realize they're not that different. Simon tells Nick if this is about Karen, Nick can have her back when he's done. Nick jumps at Simon, but his Russian bodyguards keep Nick at bay. Simon tells Nick he's got no problem with him, and Nick says, "You didn't. But you do now." Because of the Karen thing? SHUT UP, Nick. I hate you. You don't get angry enough to stand up for your wife, like, ever, but you'll do this? I get that he went to Simon's because Simon showed Lisa the video (although I don't get how splitting up Lisa and Nick is getting what Simon wants, because that makes it more likely that Nick and Karen will get back together, but whatever), but then it became all about Karen. I hope that Nick's problem with Simon is mostly about Lisa, and not Karen, but that's not how this scene came across.

Next time, if there is a next time, and if you'll be watching if there is: Nathan Petrelli's wife shows up as a reporter trying to dig up dirt on the Darlings. So, hey, if people who disappear inexplicably from one show end up on another, maybe Brian's wife and kids will show up on Heroes? She comes in for Thanksgiving to find out about family betrayal, cover-ups and murder. Brian threatens someone. There's a fashion show. Oh. And Juliet's back, y'all. Because there aren't quite enough people to keep track of on this show right now.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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