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I haven't said much about the establishing shots, mostly because it annoys me when shows insist on reminding us of their location before, like, every scene. However, our starting view of the Manhattan skyline right before the setting sun dips below the horizon is breathtaking. A few less dazzling shots lead us to the George home, where Nick is putting carrots into Kiki's lunch, because while he may only have time for Pop-Tarts in the morning, nothing's too good for his little girl. If he's late because of this, I just hope he doesn't unfairly malign the subway again. Kiki complains that carrots taste like toenails, and Nick asks how she knows what toenails taste like, which is a good question in that it's unlikely she does, and a bad one in that I don't actually want to hear her answer. The subject turns to the fact that Patrick is on TV, and Nick tells Kiki that he's running for the U.S. Senate. It looks like some morning talk show, and the female host presses Patrick on the point of whether he's ever committed adultery. Patrick (wearing a red, white, and blue apron, which is pretty hilarious) says that he's been completely faithful to his wife and wants to set a "fine moral example" for his children and all the people of New York. Lisa and Nick exchange "Mm-hmm" side-eyes, which is nice of them, because it saves me some work. Lisa notes that Patrick is really running, which means Tripp got his way. Nick: "He usually does." Kiki precociously pipes up that she thinks Pat will make a great senator, and at that, Nick tells her to go get ready for school. I see we share an equal level of tolerance for cutesiness from child actors. When she's gone, Lisa wonders if going to the police and accusing Elder (whom she calls "the richest man in the world," but I'm not sure if she's taking some license here) is really the smartest thing to do with the lack of evidence in his possession. She goes on that he could ask Tripp for help, and if Lisa "Darlings, PTOOIE!" George is advocating for that position, it might behoove you to listen, Nick. Nick, however, isn't sure he trusts Tripp...

...which we'll soon see, as Nick pops outside as the Darlings' Rolls Royce pulls up. Nick jokes with the driver, Clark, that this is a ploy on Tripp's part to get him to accept the ride to work, but the tinted back window rolls down, and we see a disheveled (for him) Tripp tell "Nicky" to hop in...

...and then they're riding along, as Tripp says he didn't sleep the night before -- he's "tormented" by the thought that Elder could have tampered with Dutch's plane. If he's also tormented by the puzzle of trying to figure out exactly how many times his best friend boned his wife in forty years, he doesn't mention it here. Nick does tell Tripp of his intention to go to the police, and Tripp echoes all our sentiments by saying he doesn't think the police will be of much use in Elder's case: "I think he's probably pretty much untouchable." Tripp offers to help, and even mentions that Dutch used a private investigator a couple of times. Don't tell me Veronica Mars left Neptune after all! Nick, however, is unmoved, and asks Clark to pull the car over. Tripp casts his eyes downward and asks if Nick still thinks a Darling could have been responsible; without waiting for an answer, he looks back up and says that the dossier on Elder was pretty damning. I'm not really clear on how, at least as far as Dutch's death goes, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough. In any event, Nick says he's going to bring said dossier to the police, and this is only going to go down his way. Tripp reluctantly concedes defeat, and Nick gets out, saying he's just going to run home from there. You know, I pronounce Nate Fisher dead one week, and just like that, we get a callback. Such shenanigans do not bode well for our relationship, show.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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