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...and then Clark is reconstructing what he thinks happened, although he supposes that the person who abducted Carmelita was lying in wait in the bedroom, which makes a lot more sense than the scenario we seemed to see unfold. Clark soberly adds, "They managed to elude the ficus." I am going to work that sentence into an upcoming conversation if it kills me. Pat is despondent.

At the U.N., Brian comes into Tripp's office wearing a snazzy casual black suit, on which Tripp compliments him. Brian tells him that he went over it and over it in his mind the night before, but he finally stopped thinking and prayed instead, and the answer came to him. Tripp asks if it came from God, and Brian smiles that he thinks so. Tripp: "What did he...she...have to say?" Man alive, this character is awesome. Brian steps forward and says he'd like to work for Tripp. Tripp wants to be sure that this is God talking, not Letitia, which seems odd on the surface, given how she pushed both Patrick and Juliet away from Tripp's influence. But this is a later time, and it's pretty clear that this is what Brian needs. Anyway, Brian answers that she doesn't even know he's there. Tripp: "Far be it for me to ignore the...still small voice of the Lord." He stands and smiles, and shakes Brian's hand as he welcomes him to the company. And not to trample the moment, but what exactly is Brian going to do for Darling Enterprises? I mean, I know he's good with sarcastic commentary, but there's no market out there for that at all.

Nick, holding the financial documents, is pacing in Elder's office when Elder walks in, a little wary since they didn't have a meeting scheduled. Nick tells him he just needs a minute, and once Elder has dismissed his underling, Nick bites out that he doesn't want to know what happened with him and Karen the night before, but if he cares about his business relationship with Nick at all, he'll discontinue seeing her. Elder wonders if Tripp sent him (irony!) and then points out that Nick is married, but Nick says romantic feelings are not what this is about. And to illustrate that, I'm sure he's going to go home to Lisa and tell her all about this little conversation. Elder says he'll let Karen go, not like anyone but Nick believes him, but Nick is appeased, and hands over the records. It's all Elder can do not to slobber all over them, and Nick leaves him alone with his, um, enthusiasm.

Sofia is looking bemusedly at the drawing Jeremy's done of her, and Jeremy can't take it, saying that he doesn't want his insides to die any more than they already have. Aw. He tells her he's not actually a painter, but a "rich, lazy ass," and confesses his true identity and family net worth, which, if you're interested is $35 billion. Sofia asks if she's supposed to believe this. Believe it, spend it, revel in it, honey. You'll be the envy of even Mega Millions winners. Jeremy says that he's suffered too much at the hands of "love pirates" (hee), and he wanted to make sure she liked him for him, and he thinks now she can love him for what he is. If you're going to try to navigate the twists and turns of Jeremy's thought process on this issue, I'd suggest waiting until your stomach is empty. Anyway, Sofia is thoroughly unimpressed with all this, dumps Jeremy hard, and leaves. You wonder if she'll be kicking herself when she gets her head out of her ass long enough to learn that the Darlings really do exist.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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