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Returning to people dazzled by the Darlings, Kai and Juliet get off the elevator, and Kai is basically like, "Fuck my uncle -- I'm in for a piece!" Juliet's thrilled that he's going to stay, and immediately wants to take him shopping. He laughs that he didn't come there for her to take care of him "like some kind of poodle." Of course not, dude. That's what the staff is for. He seems sweet, but he's not nearly as cute as I thought on first look. For being French, he's an awfully strong candidate for The Big Book Of British Smiles. Juliet then tells him she'd like to give him a gift -- she wants him to be her first. Kai: "Juliet? You're amazing." Smart of him to say that now, because it'll be a lot harder to sell after the clumsiness of Her First Time, I'm guessing.

Nick is already into a bottle of red wine when Lisa arrives home and grabs a glass as she tells him she got fired. She relates the story and admits her involvement, and speculates that maybe she wanted something bad to happen, to shake things up a bit. And this is actually interesting! Well done, Lisa! I didn't think you could win me over here! Nick soberly says that inviting the Darlings into any situation increases the shake-things-up possibilities, and Lisa laughs humorlessly. He adds that now she knows how he feels, and her eyes fill as she asks, "Do I?" He leans forward and comforts her, and she tells him she's sorry she's unemployed, as if the fact that Nick gets paid millions for paralegal work isn't providing them the tiniest little cushion. Also, a random thought just popped into my head, but one of my friends worked in an art gallery for years, and if smoking pot on the premises was enough to queer sales, they would have had some very lean years indeed. Of course, they never sold any giant sponges that I know of, but still. Anyway, Nick agrees with my earlier point, saying they have plenty of money, and then asks if Lisa wants to have another kid. I'm not sure I love the "How about I stop wearing a condom?" reaction to Lisa losing her job, but from her delight, I'm guessing this is something she's wanted for a while, so I'll shut up. She cries, and they love each other, and that's all nice and everything, but...just when they were giving Lisa a halfway-decent storyline, you know?

Karen enters Tripp's U.N. office and finds him lying on the sofa. She's expected, as he wanted to talk to her, and he asks if they're in over their heads with "this thing." Yes, it seems that Karen got involved with Elder as part of a conspiracy. On the one hand, it makes me like her a lot more to know that she didn't actually have feelings for Elder. On the other, if Tripp's willing to whore out his daughter to his greatest enemy, maybe it's just as well that he didn't follow Brian's life of the mind. Tripp asks if Karen is getting emotionally involved, because they agreed that was not part of the plan. Karen denies that she is, but her post-dinner reaction belies that. I just want to know how Tripp sensed her weakening resolve. He's a little scary, have you noticed? Anyway, we cut to a master shot of the two of them regarding each other before we cut out for 2007. See you in the New Year for three more episodes!

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