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Elder disconnects, and Karen comes into frame by putting her arms around him from behind. She kittens, "Bye, Nick" (heh), and then asks what's so delicate, and Elder's like, "You." I don't think most of her conquests would agree, and it's not like it would be too hard to track them down and ask them, either. Elder offers Karen some cherry lemonade, which is just too twee for me, and then asks her what she's up to that night. Karen sighs that it's the "annual Nutcracker evening with the Darlings," which is a family tradition. Elder says he has someone important coming in from out of town that he'd like Karen to meet, and it's pretty obvious, given the mention of her last week, who it's going to be. Whether Karen has an idea or not, though, she jumps at the chance to get out of the family affair, and then tells Elder he really knows how to treat a girl. I'll take her word for it, but he certainly doesn't know how to treat a recapper. Elder blathers something about how we all want the same things, which thankfully causes me to nod off before they start making out again.

Brian's in his empty church when he hears Tripp's voice ring out behind him. Tripp starts to offer an olive branch, but Brian angrily says that if Tripp's come to tell Brian he's still Tripp's son, that's a lie, and if he's going to say he still loves him, that was never the case to begin with. Tripp, a little emotionally, counters that for most of Brian's life, he tried to find himself in Brian, and now he knows why he couldn't. But he loved Dutch, and he's looking forward to having this different relationship with Brian. I think Tripp means well, but it's still kind of hard not to translate that as "I'm really psyched to know that your completely fucked-up worldview has absolutely nothing to do with my DNA. Let's be pals!" Brian neutrally thanks him, but walks off, saying he's got a meeting...

...with his bishop, who's telling him that he's watched proudly as Brian found his own "special" way. "Unique. You always did things differently, Brian." Yes, I suppose wiping your ass with the Ten Commandments would qualify as "different" for a priest. The bishop means this as a compliment, but my point is really the salient one, as the bishop tells him his independent spirit is also his downfall, because while it pains the bishop, the affair with Andrea, the child out of wedlock, and the bribing of the arbitrator mean that the State Board has decided to suspend Brian for six months. It's the church's version of a "three strikes" rule. Brian will also be expected to undergo counseling for sexual addiction and attend a series of workshops. Brian tries to be flippant, but the bishop tells him he has questions to answer -- questions about whether he still feels called to serve the Lord. Of course, he could probably serve the Lord in Brazil, but that's not a solution any viewer wants to see, I'd imagine.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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