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Lisa comes downstairs and tells Jeremy that Russell isn't coming, because he just started a painting and is on a roll. Jeremy asks if that's really what he said. Lisa: "No. He said he feels like a whore." Hee. Jeremy starts babbling, but then stops when he decides that Lisa is quite similarly proportioned to Sofia, and Lisa folds her arms over her chest and asks what his point is when he spends too long checking out her rack. Hee, again. Jeremy wants to practice by drawing Lisa, which makes her uncomfortable, but he's Jeremy, so you know he's going to convince her, and the fact that he busts out the pot to do so is thoroughly consistent. Lisa protests that it's her workplace, but he tells her it's closed, and besides, they need to "chillax." How he makes me giggle. Lisa smiles and gives in, like she ever stood a chance.

Karen enters Elder's place to find him all cozy at the dinner table with...Gina Torres! You all know her from Angel and Alias, but she was old news to me by then, because I kind of...watched Hercules. Sigh. But she was awesome on that, and she'll probably be awesome here while dressed like Erykah Badu in the '90s. Elder introduces Karen to "Princess Ama, from Ghana." He clarifies that she's his ex-wife, which sends Karen into her chair and into the white wine. That's our girl. Commercials.

Back at dinner, Gina Torres is telling Karen that she and her father took a trip to Jeffries Bay in South Africa to scatter her mother's ashes; after they'd done so, she couldn't sleep, so she went for a midnight swim in the ocean, crying all the while. I'd say that's a good way to attract sharks, if that weren't obvious from the fact that she met Elder on this little excursion. Anyway, she goes on that just as she realized she'd probably swum out too far to get back, she hit her head on the side of a little boat, which contained Elder. "And we have been together ever since." I will grant that these two are actually showing some chemistry and affection, although I give Gina Torres a lot more of the credit on track record alone. Still: That story is twee. Karen, thrown by the phrasing, asks if they're not divorced, but they laugh and say that they are, and Gina Torres says for them, marriage was "not good." Karen hilariously gives a "Yeah, four-time divorcee here" nod of agreement. Hee. Elder and Gina Torres then converse briefly in what I'm presuming is one of the native languages of Ghana (there are many, according to Wikipedia) before telling Karen, once she asks, that Gina Torres approves of her. Karen uncomfortably is like, "Lucky me!" Heh.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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