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Five Weeks Later...

Remember that shooting and everything at Patrick's inauguration? That is, like, soooo four weeks ago. This episode starts with, instead of a "previously on" segment, a news guy telling us all about what kind of smarmy rich people the Darlings are. And how there was that shooting. And then the newsman, Pete Bradley, tells us that we're "nearly a month" after the tragedy, and that the family is talking now. And by family, he means Nick, apparently, who is telling him that Chase was angry, and was and is a very confused man. Okay, so Chase is alive.

Pete Bradley explains that Jeremy hit his head when Nick pushed him, and now is living with amnesia. Letitia says in an interview that this is terrible because Jeremy wasn't that fast of a learner the first time. Then we're with Nick again, who apparently was shot in the shoulder. He would tell Chase that his and the Darlings' thoughts are with Chase and his family. Then Pete Bradley tells us that one of Chase's bullets took a life: predictably, Carmelita's. As Pete Bradley asks Patrick and Tripp about it, Tripp is surprisingly more emotional, whereas Patrick seems more like he's phoning it in. And, hey, good press for him, right? The sympathy thing. We zoom out on Patrick and realize we're seeing this all on a TV...

Which Karen and Nick are watching in a diner. She says they rerun that thing "more than the Beverly Hillbillies"... which, I didn't know was rerun a lot, but then, Karen and I are probably on very different TV viewing schedules. Karen wants to disappear, which is why Nick chose this place: It's always empty. Karen asks what happens when Chase wakes up, and Nick says he won't, it's been five weeks. She's afraid he'll go after someone, but Nick assures her he won't wake up after this much time. Then Karen wants to talk about "us," which is supposed to make us all think she wants to be together, and Nick thinks that too, but then she suggest they be "just friends." She will even commit to not falling in love with him this time. Nick's phone rings, and it's Tripp.

Nick and Patrick are in Tripp's office before long, talking about Chase's living will, which is scheduled to take him off life support soon. Apparently his wife is making some noise about fighting his living will. She's distraught and guilty for leaving him, and can't let him go. Tripp says Carmelita's parents didn't want to let her go either. Not a great explanation of what happened, but apparently she was on life support for awhile, too? Tripp thinks Chase's wife isn't doing any good prolonging this, and Nick says he'll stop by the hospital after his mediation with Lisa.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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