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Five Weeks Later...

Letitia has the important task of showing cards to Jeremy to see if he can identify things. He's saying "doggie," and when she asks which one, he says, "Midas." Nick walks by and checks in on the progress. Jeremy sees him and says, "Hey! Guy! Nick, right?" Then he pulls out a flashcard that says "NICK" on the front, and reads the back. He reads, hilariously, "Nick George. He... helps me do stuff. Call him anytime. Day or night." Nick sort of shrugs, and Letitia praises Jeremy. Nick says he's improving since he saw him last. Letitia says the neurologist says Jeremy's case is unusual, but they're hoping for a full recovery. Nick leaves, and Jeremy says, "Bye, Dick!" Nick corrects him. Jeremy is my (new) favorite. Comic relief is much needed.

Lisa and Nick are in divorce mediation, where Nick's asking for 50 percent custody of Kiki, which he thinks is appropriate, but she thinks him working for someone who he thinks killed his father means his definition of appropriate doesn't matter. He says she knows he's a good father and wanted another baby, but she said that's before she really knew him. But then she says she's going to Miami for the weekend, and if he wants to prove he can handle joint custody, he can watch Kiki for the weekend. They'll discuss if it goes well.

Brian and Andrea are in bed. She's happy to be out of the hospital and home. She asks what he thinks about Maine for their future, and Brian looks freaked. She says they can think about these things now that she's healthy, with their "very long" lives ahead of them. He looks freaked again. Something tells me he wasn't looking for "long life" when he married the woman who was dying of cancer.

Nick enters Chase's hospital room, and Chase's wife is there. She is bitter and angry. Nick tells her Chase didn't want to live like this, and she snits that Chase didn't know what he wanted once he got involved with the Darlings. So, are we to assume he didn't have a living will until he started working for the Darlings? That seems odd. Anyway, Nick totally shouts out to Six Feet Under when he says, "The longer you let him linger in this... 'twilight'... the longer it stays in the papers" and their children have to deal with it. She wonders what if he comes back, and Nick points out Chase would be in jail. She reminds him that the Darlings killed his father, and he shouldn't be helping them do the same to Chase. He tells her to let Chase go, and she inexplicably and suddenly starts to realize it... and then Chase's eyes open. It's a miracle. Nick doesn't look pleased.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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