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Five Weeks Later...

Karen's dropping Kiki off at Nick's, and he wonders what took so long. Apparently they went for ice cream. Kiki comes in and tells Nick she loves him. And she calls Karen "Aunt Karen." He apologizes for not trusting her, and she says that's not enough, but she'll forgive him because that's what friends do. They have an awkward moment that's probably supposed to be flirting, but it's hard to tell because they have no chemistry. And then she leaves.

Jeremy's playing his Wii when someone knocks on his door. It's Nola. She comes in to thank him if he had anything to do with saving her ass. She says he was more of a friend to him today than he ever was to her. She owes him, and won't forget that. She gets up to leave, but he stops her and asks how she's going to repay him. He says he recalls some of her neat tricks. She asks if he remembers her now, and he says he remembers everything. He never had amnesia. She slaps him, and says, "What the hell?!" He says he wanted to tell her before, but there were always people around. And he says it was very hard to pretend not to remember her. They start to make out. She asks if he's doing this for fun, and he says no, he's staying under the Elder radar, because Simon caught him going to Nick to talk about Nola. So when he hit his head and woke up and they were asking him questions about his name and what year it was, he used to his advantage and played dumb. He tells her he really wants to help her find her brother.

Back in mediation, Lisa's freaking out that Nick left Kiki in the care of Karen Darling, who she describes as "that spoiled, selfish, emotionally stunted brat." He says it was only an hour. The mediator asks everyone to sit. Lisa says she won't be staying, and asks Nick if he even knows what Karen and Kiki did together. He says they weren't out scoring coke. Nick, cool it with the sarcasm, dude. She's clearly pissed. He says they went out for ice cream, and Lisa says that's because he took off and left her, which proves he can't handle even a weekend, let alone joint custody. He says something came up, and she says it always does and he always puts his family last. He says that's not what this is about; it's about Lisa always being irrational about Karen. (Huh. I wonder why.) She says if he wants rational, she'll give him rational: She'll see him in court, where she's suing for full custody. Then, for good measure, she tells the mediator to "Mediate that."

Nick returns to his office, and Tripp's in there hiding. He tells Nick that Chase passed away in his sleep last night. Nick asks how, and Tripp says he doesn't know, but that it was a blessing, because Chase was an organ donor and his kidney saved the life of a girl Kiki's age in Pittsburgh. Nick asks if that's why Tripp came by, and Tripp says of course not. He says Nick accused him, once again, in so many words of having killed Dutch and he hasn't been able to get that moment out of his head. He says Dutch was his best friend, and he never wished ill on him. But since Dutch's death, after learning about Dutch's betrayal of him and the family, he has lain awake many nights wishing it had been him. But he didn't do it. He says it may seem as if he did it, but not everything is as it seems. Nick says, "I believe you, Tripp." And Tripp tells him to have a good night and leaves. The end. No next time on, because who knows when or if we'll get those last three episodes.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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