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In a limo, Simon's talking to Nola, and here is what I hear: "Blah, blah, blah, biofuel, blah." He needs to make this amazing biofuel. I'm sorry, is this show trying to make me hate biofuel? Aren't I supposed to like it as an alternative to other fuel types? Anyway, Simon was close until EPA approval died in closed committee, and he needs Nola to steal a sealed file from Patrick's office so he can find out who killed his approval. Or bill. Or whatever it is you file to get approval for something.

In the hospital, Andrea wakes up and asks for Brian, Jr., but he's with his grandma. Brian says Andrea will see him at home, but she says she's not coming home. He thinks the experimental drugs will kick in and she'll be home soon. She says she won't and she needs him to say it. She needs to know he can say she's going to die and that he can be strong for Brian, Jr. She begs him to say it. And it's so weird how much she looks like her dead Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks when they have her all made up like she's near death. He finally says she's going to die, and then they both start crying and hug and tell each other they love each other.

Nola's stealing the file when Jeremy comes into Patrick's office with coffee. She hides the file behind her own little briefcase, as if Jeremy would ever notice. She makes up something about needing something from Mayor Bloomberg's office to distract Jeremy from noticing what she's done. Again, not necessary. He's oblivious. They argue, and when it gets loud, Patrick comes in and says they can all hear these two down the hall. They start screaming again, and he asks them to tone it down a notch. He says they have feelings for each other and need to work it out or else they'll both need to find employment elsewhere.

Nick pulls up to a house where Chase is loading boxes into the back of his truck. I'm not sure why or where he's moving, but I guess details like this don't matter. They just needed a place to set this scene. He says he wondered how long it would take Nick to show up and try to solve the Darlings' problem. Nick tells him that the manager at Darling Avionics told him Chase walked off the job. He asks why, and Chase says, "What do you care? Wife left me, took the kids." I don't get that. Is he saying that he walked off the job because his wife left him, or she left him because he quit his job? I don't get it. Why is he so angry? This is a really muddled, unclear situation the writers have Chase in. He tells Nick that he gave up his self-respect in exchange for the Darlings' money, when he should have been focused on finding out who murdered his sister. Nick says she wasn't murdered, which is true. Chase isn't buying it. Nick asks what he wants, and Chase says: "Justice."

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Dirty Sexy Money




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