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Carmelita arrives at the salon she's working at, and it's Chase. He wants to talk to her about the situation they're both in, since the Darlings left them both out in the cold (except they actually didn't do that to you, Chase; they gave you a job). He says he's going public with Ellen's death. He also tells her he knows about her and Patrick, and he knows she knows, too. She says she doesn't know. He tells her that she's lying: She knows Patrick killed Ellen, and that Carmelita's the reason. She tries to calm him down by offering him a haircut, and says they can trade stories then. Just like any other hair salon, you know.

Nola and Jeremy are still in Patrick's office trying to sort it out. He wants her to admit she still has feelings for him, and that she can't be around him without losing her mind because of something with his lips and hands, "that thing I used to do." She thinks it's a low blow to bring up "the thing." She calls him "such a little bitch" and then admits she still has feelings for him. She tells him it's never going to happen, though, because "It's complicated" and is better for everyone that they're through. Just then, Nola sees Carmelita through the barely open door and runs out into the lobby. Carmelita tells Nola she's there to see the senator, but Nola says he won't be back for hours. Nola also tells her that if she knows what's good for her, she'll stay out of his life. Patrick walks in right then. He's happy to see Carmelita, of course. She says she needs to see him and he, of course, takes her right into his office.

Brian enters Tripp's office, and Tripp asks how his "lovely bride" is doing. He's sickeningly sweet, and I don't know what to make of it. Brian tells Tripp how bad it is: She has about 10 white blood cells and can't eat solid foods. Tripp tells Brian he should be with her, since Tripp can manage the business without him. Brian's skeptical since last he checked Tripp had partnered with Simon elder. Brian's like, "What about me? You told me good things were ahead." Poor Brian. He never feels like he's good enough in this family, and he never will. I hate Tripp for that. Tripp tells him good things will happen for him. But Brian says Tripp, Simon, and Nick leave very little room for Brian. And then he tells Tripp that there's not enough time left in life, and this isn't what he wants. He quits.

Carmelita's telling Patrick how dangerous Chase seemed when he told her he was going public. She hopes she did the right thing coming to him, and he says they did and he's glad she told him. Carmelita says she better go, after Nola's reaction. He says Nola's worried about public perception, but he's not, and he wants to have lunch with Carmelita tomorrow, somewhere they can talk. They're seriously adorable. Excellent chemistry.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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