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The scariest brain trust in history is meeting in Tripp's office: Tripp, Patrick, Nola, and Nick. The only thing that would make it worse: Simon Elder. They all want to get Chase locked up for 72 hours for psychiatric reasons. Except Nick, who thinks this is a bad idea, because he's a human who doesn't actually need mental health for wanting to tell a story that everyone in the room knows is mostly true. I'm actually surprised Patrick wants to do this. I like to think of him as a better person than Nola and Tripp. Nick asks them all to give him a chance to talk with Chase before they lock him up. Patrick doesn't get why Nick cares so much about saving this guy, and Nick just says he's a human being. But I think it's more than that. Nick doesn't want to admit he's a Darling, so he has to try to do things a different way.

Chase and Nick meet in the park. Chase doesn't want more money, so he asks Nick not to offer it. Nick speaks really openly about the Darlings, telling Chase that he knows how having the Darlings in your life can be destructive. They've made Nick doubt himself and wonder about his motives. But the bottom line here is that Patrick didn't kill Ellen. Chase wishes he could believe that. Nick then tries a different approach: He tells Chase that he can go through with this, but there's nothing to be won here, so he won't win. But Chase can still get his wife and kids back. That's still a way out of this for him. Chase is listening, and you can see he really trusts Nick. He says, "Maybe you're right." And then a police car pulls up, and Chase asks Nick if he set him up. Nick says he did not. The cops come to take Chase in for psychiatric evaluation. Nick gets mad and says there's been some mistake and asks the officers to uncuff him. But Chase is pissed. He tells Nick he can't believe he trusted him, and that he's the worst one of them all.

Nick's still pissed when he shows up at Tripp's office to find out why he'd do that to him. Tripp says he didn't send in the cops -- that if anyone did that, it was Nola. Nick says, "Nola my ass. There is nothing that goes on in this family that you don't know about, control, or otherwise quietly endorse." Nick says he didn't go behind Nick's back and would never betray him like that. Nick says, "No, you would betray me like this." What? Aren't you guys talking about the same betrayal? If there was one.

Jeremy walks in to the Imperial, where Karen's sitting with Letitia, who's drinking and getting a manicure. She asks Jeremy how he is and he says, "Double grande depresso, mom. Double grande." Letitia says she knows work can be hard. Not from experience or anything, but she heard that once from someone. Jeremy says it's not the work, it's Nola, since she finally fessed up that she has feelings for him. Jeremy says that she said it's too complicated, and Karen thinks that means Nola's seeing someone else. Letitia agrees. Karen points out that she was in love with Nick forever and then he booby-trapped her one chance at happiness. Letitia tells Karen she's wrong -- that Nick did nothing but protect her from the bad guy, Simon. And everyone who still watches this show was like, "Duh." That's right; we're all very eloquent. Then she tells Jeremy to go find the guy Nola's seeing and find a way to make him get lost.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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