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Stupid Is as Karen Does

Karen walks in as Simon's watching the election news on his computer. It's hard for me to write about this scene without wanting to throw things or tear my hair out, because Karen's level of stupidity here is rarely surpassed on TV outside of America's Next Top Model and VH1 reality shows. She starts crying -- and I don't buy for a second she's a good enough actor to do this without meaning it, so they better not ever backtrack on this or make her end up being the one playing him -- and tells him how sorry she is, and how she loves him and if the offer still stands she wants to marry him. Ugh! Idiot! You won't listen to Nick, who has always cared about you despite you being a selfish, self-indulgent narcissist, and whose job it is to protect your family? And not only won't you listen, but you rush right back to Simon? Karen is seriously dead to me. I have hated a lot of TV characters, but Karen Darling might have just risen to the top of my hate list. He obviously tells her the offer still stands, because he wants the company. They hug and he looks smug and satisfied.

Nick hits redial on Jeremy's phone, and Nola's phone rings. She sees Jeremy's calling and answers with "Hey, Sweet Cheeks." Nick just listens, and she's like, "Hello? Jeremy?" Nick hangs up, and I can't read his expression here at all. He has to know it's her, because certainly Jeremy would have her name in the phone, so even if Nick didn't recognize the voice, he would have just been able to read the phone and see who he just called. Right? So I hope the look is one of, "Gotcha!" Although I'm not sure if he thinks he has her or Jeremy or both, or if he wants to try to use this to win the case. I guess we'll see about that. When he hangs up the phone, Tripp wakes up and asks how Patrick did. Nick says Patrick won.

And now we're back in therapy with Nick and Lisa, and the therapist thinks they've had quite a day. And, are we supposed to believe that entire episode took place in one day? Everything after the previous therapy session? I prefer to think it was a week. Nick says the day had a happy ending at least, and the therapist tells Nick that it did for the Darlings, but what about the Georges' happy ending? Lisa announces (read: lies) that she got the gallery, all on her own with no help from Jeremy. Nick sincerely tells her that's great and he's so proud of her. This time, her phone rings, and Nick holds up both hands (so it's not him dialing from the phone Jeremy gave him) like, "It's not my phone this time." She looks at her phone, and it's Jeremy. She ignores it, but looks extremely suspicious. Nick looks sad, like he knows. But can he know? Or did he just see it on her face? The therapist tells them if they keep being honest, they can overcome anything. Nick looks at Lisa and back at the therapist, and it's over.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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