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Stupid Is as Karen Does

Nick's at Simon's office. The thing about Simon's office and living space: Everything is a different shade of orange. What is that about? Simon wonders what brings Nick there today: "threat, request, warning?" Nick just has a question: What is Simon doing with Karen, with the proposal then breakup? Simon tells Nick the truth: He wants Karen for her stock in Darling Enterprises (with them plus the stock he's been acquiring, he could take over the company). Since he knows Karen wants what she can't have, he broke up with her so she'll come crawling back to him. He's telling Nick because he trusts Nick will take the information and put it to good use.

Nick and Lisa are having the "special time" lunch their therapist recommended, and he asks how she voted. She tells him she voted for Patrick and he thanks her "on behalf of the family." I'm guessing he means the Darlings, but it's weird to call someone else's family "the family" to your wife. Shouldn't "the family," according to Nick, be Lisa and Kiki? One would think. Lisa tells Nick about Jeremy's offer to be her partner. She explains she just ran into Jeremy while voting, so it's not like she went to him or anything. Nick, without hesitation, says "No." Because he is Don Draper and this is 1960, and his wife cannot do this without his permission, right? She says Jeremy's not after her, because he's fallen for someone else and, besides, she can set boundaries and handle working with Jeremy. Nick says she's proven that she can't. Which ... is completely true. But I really wish Nick was more asking or suggesting rather than telling, especially since Lisa would have preferred he not work with the Darlings and he jumped into that without consulting with her, despite his past with Karen. And he's not exactly Mr. Boundaries Guy where Karen is concerned either, since he sees her all the time, and is likely to end up making out with her at some point this season. Lisa tries to tell him she already set up a follow-up appointment at the gallery, and he interrupts her with "I don't care. I won't allow it." Yeah, I get his argument, but that right there would be the point where I would decide firmly to go right ahead because he is not the boss. This is 2008, and they are a married couple, and that is absolute bullshit. To me, it feels very much like a Darling thing to do, and sort of proves Nola's point that he's the Darling-est Darling of them all -- thinking he gets to control every situation. He tells her to try to do something with her life in a way that isn't such an insult to everything they're in therapy trying to save, and that "the answer is no" and then thanks her for their special lunch. And walks off. Because he is an ass. That scene so easily could have been rewritten to make me sympathetic for him, but why did he have to be so bossy? Oh, right, because he's Nick DARLING.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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