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Tripp and Nick are meeting about Chase, and his "sharp," close theories. Nick tells Tripp that Chase has lost his job and the bank's foreclosing on his house, since Ellen's checks have stopped coming. So he's desperate. Tripp wants Nick to offer Chase a way out -- money and all that. Nick says he's already in too deep just knowing what they did and doesn't want to do anything that gets him more involved; Tripp says he doesn't want any more covering up either, but then he tells Nick to go offer Chase money and a job. Which is exactly what Nick just said he didn't want to do, but whatever. Tripp's semantics are crazy, though; he sees this as "inviting him in" instead of "buying him off," because he's family. Nick asks what's the status with Carmelita being part of Patrick's acceptance speech, and Tripp says he's going to talk to her himself. Oh, good. I'm sure that will go well.

Lisa shows up at the gallery to tell the snobby gallery guy that it's not going to work out because she talked to her husband, who is the boss of her. The guy's confused because her partner Jeremy's already signed the lease, and is even there (hiding in a closet) to celebrate. She says she can't sign, and goes outside. Jeremy goes after her and she explains Nick's reaction and that this would cost her her marriage. He says that doing it won't cost her anything; telling Nick will, and that she should have her cake and eat it too, because no one deserves it more. She really wants it, and convinces herself by saying Nick doesn't deny himself anything, career-wise. Again, true, but Jeremy's response, "Word," should be enough for her to realize he should not be her partner in anything ever. She makes him tell her that Nick will never find out, and then she signs. Huge mistake. HUGE.

Brian receives a frantic call from Andrea, who has lost Brian Jr. while she was in the shower. She's standing on the street screaming "Brian!" between sentences to Brian. Brian says he'll call the police. Which is probably a bit of a better tactic than screaming on the streets of New York.

Back with Tripp, who is looking creepily at some birds in Carmelita's apartment? Patrick's? I don't know where it is or whose birds, but Carmelita walks in, and Tripp tells her he wants to talk to her about going public with Patrick. He says his concerns are for Carmelita more than for himself. She should just walk away from master manipulator Tripp right now, and talk to Patrick instead. But she doesn't, so he tells her he doesn't want questions to rise about Ellen's death, because it's "complicated." He tells her Ellen didn't die in a fire, and she wants to know what really happened. He asks her to sit down.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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