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Stupid Is as Karen Does

Nick runs into Karen, who asks if he talked to Simon. He tells her he did, and he doesn't know how to tell her this. She's like, "Oh, he doesn't want to marry me?" He tells her that Simon actually does want to marry her, but that he's using her for her shares in the company, and that Simon actually told him this. She doesn't believe Simon would tell Nick that, and calls Nick a jerk for wanting to keep her waiting forever. She thought he was better than that. And she walks off. Simon is an evil genius, I guess. Although manipulating a person as stupid as Karen cannot be difficult, so mostly just evil and not so much with the "genius." I just wish Nick had seen it coming and not told her any of this.

Carmelita walks into Patrick's campaign headquarters, and he's genuinely thrilled to see her. I love how much he loves her. She tells him she knows everything, so she can't stay. She knows he didn't kill Ellen, but that he moved her body to avoid a scandal. She can't be with someone who could take part in this lie (I wonder if she'd feel differently if he'd told her instead of Tripp?). She doesn't know who he is anymore, and has to leave. I love that the woman who was sleeping with the married man can't be with someone who lies. Um, aren't affairs built on lies, Carmelita? He begs her to at least tell him who told her this before she leaves. We don't see it, but we cut to Tripp and then Patrick storming up angrily, so I'm thinking she told him who it was. He is acting on pure emotion here, with no regard for the spectators here to celebrate his election. He tells Tripp to stay the hell out of his life, and his voice raises to a level that attracts Nick's concern from across the room. Tripp felt telling her was necessary. Nick comes up to stop it, but Patrick tells him to stay out of the "family matter." Tripp wants Nick involved, though, and asks Nick to please explain to Patrick why he did what he did -- that it would have been "unseemly" and wouldn't have been safe for Carmelita (but you can tell her safety is tacked on to make it seem like there's any other reason here than what people will think of the Darlings). Patrick asks why none of this is about him, but all about Tripp. Tripp asks Nick to explain to Patrick that he did the right thing. Nick can only muster, "I know that's how you saw it." Patrick realizes he's right since Nick's paid to buy Tripp's crap and doesn't even buy this. Tripp gives a guttural moan of "Good Lord," and his eyes glaze completely over, and he falls to the ground. Patrick, to his credit, registers immediate concern. Sort of how he did with Ellen.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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