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Previously: Ellen died accidentally, but Tripp and Patrick covered it up anyway. Jeremy hooked up with Nola, the attorney on his mom's murder trial. Karen fell for Simon Elder, but he was manipulating her. Nick took Letitia's case and was named the head of Darling Enterprises. Lisa told Nick she hopes he'll choose the family over the Darlings someday.

Patrick's giving a campaign speech -- using the memory of his wife, who the public believes died in a fire, to hold a press conference about fire safety. He pretends he's using his sorrow as motivation to protect other people from a similar fate. The public eats it up, but Patrick's not loving the lying. In fact, he tells Nick he can't do it anymore and he wants to come clean -- telling the cops that Ellen tried to kill him, but they panicked and then Clark torched the place. Nice, Patrick: Blame it on Clark because he's loyal enough to do the dirty deed for your family. Nick thinks it's a little late to come clean, but tells Patrick he'll see what he can do. And then he immediately calls and tattles to Tripp. Just like a good head of Darling Enterprises should do.

Nola and Jeremy are listening to the Weepies as she gets ready to prosecute his mother at work. He wants to take Nola to a Weepies concert, but she reminds him there will be no public sightings in their future. She leaves for work. Nick arrives at his office and Daisy tells him the prosecution's witness list hasn't shown up yet, so he wants to call the judge and tell her Nola violated her first court order. In walks Nola with the witness list, which she is delivering herself because his mother's on it. In fact, she's Nola's star witness. Nick's not happy and thinks anything his mother says will be irrelevant, since she left Nick and Dutch 30 years ago. But Nola points out two pertinent facts: 1. Nick's mom was the last person to talk to Dutch the day he died. And 2. She's been receiving money -- lots of it -- from Letitia for the past 30 years. Nick's speechless for a change.

Brian and Brian Jr. are having the world's cutest webcam conversation, in which Brian totally yells at "Shrimp" about everything, but it's all done out of love. For example, Brian Jr. tells his dad to hang on a second while he goes to get his dinner and Brian's like, "Hey! We're talking!" Because he loves the little guy so much he can't stand to have him walk away when they're webcamming. So cute. Then Brian finds out Brian Jr.'s home alone and he goes all angry-protective father, saying he's coming down there and to tell his absentee mother her Brazilian Carnival is over! Brian Jr. shuts the computer while Brian's yelling, which is really what makes this so good. Because he knows he can do this, which means he's totally not fooled by his dad's tough-guy thing. We all know Brian's just a big puddle of goo inside when it comes to his son, and that we know that (and that Brian Jr. knows it, too) is why Brian's one of the best characters on this show. He is layered, when he could so easily be a one-note, screaming, annoying cliché.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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