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Back in New York, Karen and Simon are eating, as she's recapping Tripp's announcement that Nick would be taking over the company. He feels like he was there already, though, because that's all she talks about. Karen asks if she's boring him. I scream: "YES! You both are!" But they don't stop. He lectures her about Nick. I fight hard to keep from nodding off. He sends her to talk to Nick, because he loves her (or is manipulating her, obviously) and wants her to know that Nick doesn't respect her.

Shepherd Book (!) approaches Nola in the hall of the courthouse to give her a heads-up that Nick went to France. She says he's talking to her star witness, most likely, but because of the small fact said witness happens to be his mother, she can't do anything about it. She tells the shepherd not to worry, because she has a plan: to win the case and then steal Shepherd Book's job. I'm not sure why she hates him, because this is the first time we've seen him on the show, so that bitchiness made no sense at all. In fact, that scene had no purpose in the episode, as far as I can tell. Except to give Ron Glass work, which I guess I'm okay with. She storms away to sexy, sassy lady music and arrives in her office to find Jeremy. Could he be any more predictable? I really don't think he could. But she is surprised (because she's dense) and appalled he'd show up in her office, because it could cost her her job. He has tickets to the Weepies. She gives him ten seconds to leave or she won't see him again, and she tears up the Weepies tickets. Come on, Nola! He (or you) could have taken someone else. That's just mean. And wasteful.

Karen takes Simon's advice and shows up at Nick's place, but is greeted by Lisa instead; "greeted" might imply something more friendly than the icy looks and exchange the ladies share. Karen barely says hi and then asks for Nick. She says she can wait, but Lisa says he's in France, so it would be a long wait. She tells Karen that Nick's visiting his mother, who had to move 4,000 miles away to escape Karen's "criminally insane family." Okay, Lisa, you might just win me over again if you keep being this tough instead of whining about everything. Karen says, "Whoa. Someone's a bitch." And Lisa replies, "Yeah, someone is!" (Go, Lisa!) Karen's really bitchy, which somehow convinces Lisa to confide in her that Nick didn't consult with her before taking over the company or deciding to represent Letitia. And that she misses him being home with her, even though the Nick she fell in love with doesn't exist anyway. She says all of this in the guise of giving Karen a message since she sees Nick more than Lisa does. Lisa admits she thought she'd lose Nick to Karen, but it turns out they're both losing him to Tripp. Karen looks devastated. The first time I watched this scene, I really, truly hated it. And while I still don't think that Karen would go to the house to find Nick (I think she'd go to the office, and Daisy would be the one to tell her he's in France) or that Lisa would reveal this many personal details about a bad relationship to a woman she feels threatened by, upon watching it again I can see the weight of this scene on both women's faces. They really do both have a lot to lose in the form of Nick, and both of them are heartbroken to realize he might already be gone. It's important for Karen to realize this, though, so that Simon can continue to pull the puppet strings and also because Nick is MARRIED. Karen issues a very sincere "I'm sorry," and Lisa tearfully says she is, too. Wait a second! Did they just become BFFs?

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Dirty Sexy Money




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