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In Brazil, Brian first lectures Andrea for working, saying it's not about her pride; it's about Brian Jr., who shouldn't be left home at night. Which is true. He looks like he feels sympathy and maybe even a little love for Andrea. She says she was convinced when he arrived that Brian would try to kidnap Brian Jr. He's like, "Who, me?" No, really. He totally pretends that was never his intent. He tells her he knows Brian Jr.'s in good hands. And this is such a surprising and wonderful character development for Brian, because after all of the fighting and the anger and the trial, he's finally admitting Andrea's a good mom. Neither of them realizes it, but Brian Jr. has snuck into the room and is watching and listening. Andrea tells Brian that his son's going to miss him, and Brian says he'll miss Brian Jr. like hell.

Patrick approaches Tripp after the debate and asks where Carmelita is. Tripp ignores him and compliments Patrick's debate performance. Patrick asks again, and Tripp says she's "okay" and "near." Oh, thanks, Tripp. Very helpful. He then explains that he had a friend of a friend in Homeland Security track her down. What? Homeland Security? Really? Because Carmelita was on a watch list or something? Or just because the Patriot Act makes it possible to track any one of us down at any time, ever? Probably the latter. Then Tripp reiterates that Ellen sent her away, and adds that Carmelita chose to stay in hiding out of concern for Patrick's political future. (Or is this the lie Tripp is paying her/bribing her to spin, as he's the one who kept her away, somehow? Sorry, but I can't not suspect him now that he's evil incarnate) Tripp continues his bribing, saying Patrick needs to share Carmelita's concern. Patrick says he'll play along if it means he gets to see her. Tripp gives him a card with Carmelita's location. Tripp tells Patrick again that he did well in the debate, saying he looked "presidential" (ooh! Foreshadowing! If only the show can stick around enough seasons for Patrick to make it that far). Tripp walks away.

Nick's putting his bags in the trunk of a car in Paris when Clare walks up. He asks why she's there, and she gives a sincere apology. She says she knows it doesn't matter, and that he'll probably always hate her (he says he doesn't), and that he should. He says he feels sorry for her, because he didn't have a mother, but she also didn't have a son. She tells him she's going to testify that Letitia killed Dutch. She says her evidence is that Dutch called her the day his plane went down. He was a mess; had just found out about Brian being his son, and that Letitia had been lying all those years. He was going to walk away and leave the Darlings (I'm hoping not Brian, at least). He wanted Clare to know he was sorry, and that he was going to come and visit her for a fresh start. She told him she still cared for him, but they couldn't start over; too much time had passed. She said he was drunk, and hung up. Clare got scared that he'd suddenly show up in France, so she called Letitia and told her everything. Letitia said, "Don't worry, Clare. I will take care of everything. Trust me." Clare's convinced now that this meant Letitia killed him, although she didn't know what it meant when Letitia said it. Nick tells her with absolute certainty that Letitia did not kill Dutch, and that Clare cannot testify, because that story will put her in jail forever for a murder she didn't commit. Clare doesn't believe Letitia's innocent, but he finally asks her to trust her son, who's never asked her for anything. He is tearful as he asks her to stay here and live her life in peace, to do it for him. He kisses her cheek as he says this, and I don't think it's possible for her to do anything but what he asks after that heartfelt, loving speech. But I don't get why Nick is so certain about Letitia's innocence. Is it just because Brian is certain, and Brian's certainty about Tripp -- because of Brian's fierce loyalty -- convinced Nick? Or is there something more? Or did I miss something? Or is he just being the best lawyer ever, and totally manipulating his mother?

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Dirty Sexy Money




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