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Simon's on the phone with the mystery person he talks to about Project Manipulate Karen. And I am totally puzzled as to who it would be. He says, "It's all coming together," and that the time and effort will pay off soon. Then he sees Karen coming on some sort of computer surveillance system. He gets off the phone and shuts the computer. She comes in and tells him about her visit with Lisa instead of Nick. He thinks this means she's not over Nick yet, but she tells him that she actually is. She says she was upset Nick took over the company, because she thought he'd only get to do that if he married her. But now that she talked to Lisa, she knows the Nick she used to love is gone, but Simon isn't gone. And she doesn't want to lose him. He says he's there as long as she wants. And then HE PROPOSES. Okay, he doesn't actually propose. He tells her that when she finally completely lets go of the past, she might open herself up to other possibilities, "like marrying me." She is stunned. Because, see, even though it's not a proposal, she felt like it was, too, and I think she thought it was as crazy and stupid as I think it is. Or at least I would hope she felt that way, if I cared at all about either of these characters.

Nick's back in New York. Nola pulls up in her state-prosecutor convertible and designer clothes (they match her state-prosecutor apartment in the fictional land of uber-rich state prosecutors), to ask Nick what in the hell he did to her witness. He plays dumb, so she tells him Clare George called and said she won't testify. He's like, "You should send her a subpoena. Oh, right! She's a French citizen living abroad. You can't." She wants him arrested for witness tampering, but he says she can't touch him for talking to his mother. Then he asks if she's done. She's really not. She's totally a cast member now, so I think she means it.

Nick walks in as Letitia is ordering a maid to get rid of a flower arrangement that she wishes would die. Nick comes in, and she says she won't put up with him yelling at her again. But he's there to apologize, because everything she said about Clare was true. She tells him she takes no pleasure in that, and goes on to tell him that she tried to be his mother. She wishes he could have seen himself at 6, wandering around their house without a mother, pushing his little briefcase on wheels (how cute that Nick was a little 6-year-old version of his current self, briefcase and all!), "so full of need." She tells him she loved him then and still does. Then she hugs him and he reluctantly embraces her back. It's really sweet, but I would like to make it clear that this does not make up for those awesome moments and that powerful, loving bond (like when Tripp told Nick he'd run the company someday) we had last season between Tripp and Nick. I will not just forget about that simply because the show gets me all teary-eyed over Nick and his mom and then Nick and Letitia.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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