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Nola's returning home after her terrible star-witness-losing day, to find Jeremy (surprise! he's predictable!) waiting outside her apartment. He asks why she had a bad day, but knowing she can't talk about the case, asks to just give him "the heart stuff; big picture." She tells him she doesn't have a husband or kids, so her work is the most important thing in her life. He's like, "You have a secret boyfriend." She says, yeah, just that and work. So when work doesn't go well, her life isn't good. He asks if she wants to see the Weepies, and then brings her inside her apartment, where the members of the Weepies are all set up ready to play. Jeremy had them all sign confidentiality agreements so they can't say a word. They dance as the Weepies sing "Somebody Loved". I don't know if it's the song or Jeremy's adorably goofy hat, or the fact that he would actually do this for someone instead of just being a crazy stalker (I know he's being a crazy stalker with Nola, too, but he's not just being that) like he was with Lisa, but I really am starting to like them as a couple. On the other hand, how could anyone -- even Jeremy -- be dating the person who's trying to get their mother convicted of murder without some ulterior motives? That's just impossible to believe.

The Weepies continue as Patrick shows up to see Carmelita. They hug like two people who have missed each other like mad. And then they kiss and close the door. Brian's sitting on a private jet, all alone -- sad at having left Brian Jr. behind, but matured, somehow, in his decision to do so. The camera pans back to a cupboard in the back of the plane; the cupboard door pops open and Brian Jr.'s head pops out. When he sees they're not close to New York yet, he goes back into the cupboard and closes the door, staying hidden from Brian. Oh, man. This is not going to go well. Then Nick arrives at home and goes into Kiki's room, because this whole thing with his mom and Letitia made him realize what matters, I hope: his family. He tells Kiki he saw his mom, and she smiles, then tells her to go back to sleep. He walks in and gazes at a sleeping Lisa as the Weepies hit that final chorus: "You turned me into ... somebody loved." I hope that means something here, and that Nick's sticking with his family, but I'm still a skeptic. We are dealing with a soap here after all. But, man, that ending was not at all soapy, but just totally emotionally resonant in every way.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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