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Nick and Hot Roadkill are meeting for coffee, and she says Tripp won't let her leave yet because he worries she's not 100 percent. Nick refrains from pointing out that the eccentric billionaire is in love with her, or telling her she's an idiot for not putting this together herself. She tells him no one knows they're meeting for coffee, so he has no need to worry. Phew! Those scandalous coffee dates can be dangerous to a lawyer's reputation if anyone finds out. Right as she's mewling on and on about how she doesn't normally kiss guys she's just met, but he's really sweet, Lisa walks up and lectures Nick on getting over her too quickly since he's already on a date, especially at "our place." Apparently this was their coffee shop. I'm usually on your side, Lisa, but you were well on your way to much more than a coffee date with Jeremy last time we saw you. She leaves the coffee shop and calls Jeremy and tells him he has to do something for her.

Nick's finally at his office, and Letitia's there, too, telling him Hot Roadkill is not what she seems to be, and that she's not going to lose her husband to this woman. She wants Nick to check for a criminal record, but Nick said after hitting her with a car, that could make it look like harassment. He tells her nothing can be done. She gets up to leave and turns and tells him that Jeremy's bringing Lisa as his date to Karen's wedding, and she's sorry, but there's nothing that can be done. Is this really the same woman who told Nick how much she loved him earlier this season? This is not really what I think of as loving treatment.

More skyline porn and then we're in a meeting between Tripp, Nick and Simon. They give Simon a blank check and tell him to fill it in with anything he'd like and walk away from Karen. He says he's only interested if Tripp gives up his controlling interest in Darling Enterprises. He wants all of Tripp's shares and voting rights at a fair market value, and then he'll call off the wedding. Tripp and Nick get up and leave, but not before Tripp calls Simon an "obnoxious little piddling sonofabitch." It's awesome and totally helps me love Tripp again, a little.

Nick and Hot Roadkill are now having coffee in an L.A. park that's supposed to look like Central Park. She tells him Lisa's just trying to make him jealous, because we're all back in eighth grade when we love someone. Which is not exactly how life works, but Nick agrees with her. This actually might explain why he's been having the Karen and Lisa problems he's been having. He sees love at an eighth-grade level instead of growing up and being committed. Nick tells Hot Roadkill about Tripp wanting lunch, and she says she's not interested, so instead he should take her as his date to the wedding. She says this would solve everyone's problems. Um, except Tripp's. And Lisa's. And actually even Nick's. I don't see how this would "solve" anything, actually. He is hesitant momentarily, but then agrees.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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