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Andrea and Brian are in the doctor's office, where the doctor is telling them her body isn't responding as they'd hoped to the medical trial and that the cancer's spread. Brian gets very sad but barely shows it, just saying that's not true because she's been feeling good. Brian wants her put on someone else, but she says no. Apparently, she no longer wants to fight to stay alive to protect Brian, Jr. from the Darlings. Also, the timelines on this show are crazy. So, Hot Roadkill still lives at the Imperial, but Andrea's far enough into her medical trial to know it's not working? Doubtful. Anyway, she tells Brian she's done, and the doctor tells them to talk it over. Both Brian and Andrea are sad, and he tells her she has to. She said she just wants to live peacefully for the rest of her time. He resigns himself to it, showing some tears, and asks how they're going to tell "the Shrimp."

Patrick and Jeremy are in his office, and Patrick's expressing surprise that Jeremy wants a job in his office. Patrick thinks it's all about being close to Nola, but Jeremy insists he's way over that. Jeremy says he'd just like to do his part "to make New York, and America, a little bit ... cooler, for everyone." It's a great line, but it's mostly in the delivery. Patrick seems to be buying it.

Tripp approaches Nick in the Imperial to ask about Hot Roadkill. Nick says he hasn't made lunch arrangements yet, and Tripp tells him to get it done because he needs this diversion right now. Life's hard? Go on a date with the hot girl your wife hit with her car. Works every time. Tripp suggests they invite Hot Roadkill to the wedding, and Nick tells him she's actually already coming as his date. Tripp is surprised (or pretends to be), and wonders if he wasn't clear enough about his feelings. Nick says he and Hot Roadkill are just friends. Tripp says this is for the best. Karen walks in and tells Nick she didn't put Lisa at his table because she figured that could be awkward. Nick leaves, and Tripp and Karen have an extremely boring heart to heart, in which she tells him how much this whole wedding thing means to her. He can't bring himself to tell her what Simon offered, which makes no sense. He loves her, right? So freaking tell her. You're saving her, not hurting her. Instead, he calls Nick after Karen's gone and tells him to go see Simon and tell him he has a deal. Nick looks like he thinks this is a terrible idea.

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