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What Wedding

Nick's at Simon's, offering him the deal. Simon's "almost impressed." He says he'll call it off as soon as he gets the shares. Nick tells him a day like this will take days or weeks, and the ceremony's in four hours. But Simon won't call it off until the deal is done.

Nola sees Jeremy wheeling a tray around in Patrick's office and asks if he's lost. He tells her he's now working as a "GS-1" federal employee. Patrick walks in with a bunch of people in suits and talks about walking around in his mom's high heels as a kid. Nola's not liking this. Patrick asks her how they can get Evan O'Connell back, and she tells him to get a new father. Jeremy says he has an idea, but Nola says he doesn't. Then she takes Patrick in the other room and tells him to fire Jeremy. He argues, but she makes it easy for him: Jeremy or her. He says he'll fire Jeremy.

Simon's suited up for the wedding when Karen walks in the room in sweats. He thinks it's an interesting wardrobe choice, but she's getting ready at the Imperial. Weird. I have never heard of a woman not getting ready by the time the guy's all dressed and ready to go. Especially a woman like Karen. Though I guess she has the wedding preparation thing down by now. Simon's computer beeps and when he logs in he gets a big message that says "Transaction Complete," telling him Darling Enterprises shares are now his. I am not sure this is how big stock transfers work, but since I am not an owner of many large stocks, I won't try to prove it or anything. She asks if everything's okay, and he walks over to her and kisses her. He tells her she's beautiful and he loves her, and he can't wait to be her husband. She says she'll see him in a couple hours and leaves. He says he knows she will.

Nick tells Tripp the bank called and the deal is done. Tripp thinks that Simon won't have the guts to tell Karen, but Nick volunteers. Tripp thanks him. Nick walks into the room where Karen's getting ready (and he's fixed his hair since he was in Tripp's office; fancying up for Karen, maybe?). He asks if they can talk alone, and she sends her hair and makeup people away. He asks her to sit back down, and she assumes he's there to confess his love for her. She says she's played this scene in her head over and over. He says it's not that scene. She knows. He gets choked up when he says he wishes it were but it's not. She asks what it is then and he says she's not getting married to Simon today. It's weird that she doesn't think he's lying here. She totally believes him, but just asks what happened. She tells him whisking her away would be better. He says he's not, and tells her that Simon offered to call off the wedding in exchange for a majority stake in Darling Enterprises. He apologizes and she says it's fine; any girl would love to find out she's worth $20 billion. He says, "More." She then asks him if he had anything to do with this, and he doesn't answer. She screams, "Get out!" I'm not sure what this means. All Nick had to do with this was to bring out Simon's true colors. How on earth is she mad at him?

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Dirty Sexy Money




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