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What Wedding

At the reception, Brian and Andrea are dancing. He says he's happy. Brian, Jr. is dancing across the room with Letitia, and Andrea tells Brian he has to tell Brian, Jr. the truth. He doesn't think he can, and she says that's why he has to. She's dying so he has to learn. In another part of the party, Patrick approaches Jeremy to fire him, but Mr. O'Connell, who came to tell Patrick he's decided to accept his offer thanks to Jeremy, interrupts him. Mr. O'Connell introduces Patrick to his son, "DJ Pillowhead." It's the DJ from the club, but in a suit. Jeremy apparently advised his buddy, the DJ, to reconcile with his dad, and Mr. O'Connell was so happy he decided to do this favor for Jeremy. I'm thinking Jeremy's job is safe. Maybe a promotion is even in order.

Tripp walks up to Hot Roadkill and says hi. She adjusts his tie flirtatiously. She tells him she's with Nick, and feels like she's the lucky one. Tripp says he couldn't be more thrilled for the two of them. Nola's surprised at Jeremy, who tells her he had to since she was trying to get him fired. She says she wasn't trying to do that, since he barely even occurs to her. Hot Roadkill is now dancing with Nick, and he asks what Tripp said. She tells him he couldn't have been nicer. Letitia and Tripp are watching from across the room and she can't imagine what Nick sees in Hot Roadkill. Tripp confesses to Letitia about how he felt when he first met Hot Roadkill: that he allowed himself to reflect on what his life could be like with someone else. She points out Hot Roadkill could be his granddaughter. He says that seeing Hot Roadkill tonight put it all in perspective and he rediscovered tonight that Letitia's the love of his life and always will be. She thanks him and kisses him, then Clark interrupts to say that Simon's there.

Simon says Tripp screwed him, but Tripp says he didn't, that his clients are free to do what they choose, but it's interesting they were motivated by something other than money. He says he'll buy Darling Enterprises back at its current market value, but Simon says he's not about to give Tripp a one-day $10 billion profit. Tripp says he'll buy half the company, then, at a 20 percent discount from the day before's profits. Then it will only be a $4 billion profit. Simon asks if they'll be partners, and Tripp says it's ironic, isn't it? Simon looks intrigued.

The party's still ongoing when Letitia grabs Hot Roadkill in the hall and calls her a "bony little tramp." She wonders how she'd dare show up at her daughter's wedding and throw herself at her husband. Hot Roadkill says she's there with Nick, but Letitia's not backing down because she's completely lost her mind. She asks why Hot Roadkill wants to steal her family and fortune. She accuses her of planting herself in front of her car, insinuating herself into the household, and intending to steal her husband, her future, and her family's future. She tells her to get the hell out of her house. I am completely lost by this. I think it can only be leading to another lawsuit for Letitia, which ... been there, done that. Can we please skip that part?

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Dirty Sexy Money




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