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No previouslies this week for some reason, despite the fact that there are eleventy billion ongoing storylines. Establishing New York City skyline shots to convince us these L.A. sets are actually the Big Apple. We start out on Jeremy and Nola, who's telling him they need to be more careful after last week's phone call from Nick, because she could lose a lot more than the case, including her job. He tells her no one will find out. Hmmm. Could this promise he's making be foreshadowing anything? Oh, and they're taking a bath together in a very cool tall, square bathtub. Sort of like this one, but taller. I want one.

Lisa's showing Nick the George-Darling Art Gallery of Lies. He's so proud of her (because he doesn't know about the lies yet, of course), and promises to be at her "first opening night." He even says that after the last time he was late, he realizes how important it is that he's on time in the future. She says not to worry; Jeremy Darling is no longer in her life. And I think she didn't need to go that far and make this lie she's in multiple lies. Right as Nick leaves, Jeremy walks in through the back door, saying what a close call that was. She thinks this secret partner thing might be a bad idea. He tells her to shut up, because everything's working out just fine for her.

Nola and Nick are in chambers with their judge. Nola says Nick's been tampering with her witness, who is also his mother. He says he's allowed to visit a witness, especially if it's his mother, and says Nola's a little off her game; could something else be distracting her maybe? She tries to get the judge to accept her earlier statement since Clare and Letitia had many phone calls. The judge says the statement will be accepted. In the hall, Nick calls out Nola on her affair with Jeremy, but she tells him to tell it to the judge -- unless, of course he has no proof. Which he doesn't. So she walks off, satisfied for now (emphasis on "for now").

Tripp is still in bed after his heart attack, and Patrick's visiting. Tripp wants to give Patrick some advice on whom to choose as his chief of staff. Patrick says he's still sort of busy hunting down Carmelita, since Tripp drove her away. Tripp says he didn't drive her away, just told her the truth. He points out, quite truthfully, that Patrick would have told her about Ellen's death eventually, and she would have left then. Tripp then recommends four old, loyal guys for Patrick's chief of staff. He puts up a bit of a fight, but ultimately agrees to meet with them.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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