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Karen and Simon's party. It looks like Patrick went from not attending to being the featured guest, as he's toasting the happy couple, saying how Karen used to hit him but he wasn't allowed to hit her back, and this prepared him for a life in politics. While that's sort of cheeseball, it's totally the sort of line someone like Patrick would give as a toast, so I kind of love it for being true to the character instead of being more clever or well-written. He tells her he loves her and tells Simon to take care of her. He also hopes this one sticks. Simon turns, in front of the ENTIRE PARTY to thank the brothers for coming despite their fear and the real possibility of "paternal retribution." He says they appreciate it, and it's a testimony to their love for Karen and openness as humans. He then adds that his marriage to Karen is not a corporate merger, but a way to form a family that operates without intimidation and authoritarian control. A family that supports each other, without loyalty tests and secrets. With freedom and respect. He forgot to add the part about how their family will use and play each other, but that's okay. That's just what type of family they are. In walks Tripp, whose door is opened for him by doormen. He says, "Good evening," and his henchman Nick follows him in. Tripp tells Karen he knows why she's doing what she's doing, and he hopes she'll understand why he did. He tells her he'd never do anything to hurt her when it comes to what really matters, and that this is just money. He contradicts Letitia's advice explicitly, saying she'll always be his little girl. She thanks him and accepts the gift he brought in. Tripp turns to the brothers and tells them it's unfortunate they'd sneak around behind his back. Is that a threat? They take it as one and all follow Tripp out, despite Karen's protestations. Simon's disappointed he didn't create a big family alliance this night. Karen and Simon both look at Nick as if this is all his fault, and he tells Karen he's sorry. She says she is too. Then she opens the gift from Tripp, and it's the crystal swan she gave him of Simon's in the first episode. I have no idea what the significance of that thing is, but it better have one after being used in two episodes.

Party's over and Simon and Karen are at home. It's pretty much as boring as they always are. He asks if she's having second thoughts, and she says she got through those a couple hundred thoughts ago. Does that mean she's having so many second thoughts it's in the hundreds? Or that she doesn't have any? It's Karen, so it's never clear. Simon lies that he wants her to be happy, so if she wants to choose her dad to be happy, he's okay with that. She wants to be happy, but loves Simon, so they hug, and she looks all big-eyed and crazy.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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