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The camera zooms out on Karen and Nick and then turns to black and white and we realize Simon's watching it all on the surveillance cameras. I wonder if this is part of his evil plan? Could there be a reason he'd drive her into Nick's arms? But no, Simon's clearly angry, saying he gave whomever he's talking to a very simple task, that they had a chance to be a part of something, but now thanks to that someone's lack of control, the project has been crippled. Nola's standing there and says she's sorry she made a mistake, but it wasn't all a waste, because the case was crumbling anyway. She says she found another way in: She's Patrick's chief of staff. Now, I'm not sure exactly what Simon and Nola are up to, but I assume the "lack of control" he's talking about here is her relationship with Jeremy. But I cannot find any way that charging one Darling with murder and being another one's chief of staff are similar, so it's weird that would be "another" way in. As much as I'm hating some of the ridiculousness of this show, the mystery is definitely keeping me hooked. I couldn't stop watching now even if I hated it completely because I have to know what these two are up to -- and who Nick chooses, of course. It better be Lisa, or no one. But not freaking idiot Karen.

In two weeks: We can't tell who he chooses, but Nick tells someone to stay away from his wife, then we see a flash of Simon standing next to Lisa, then Nick embracing Karen (but it actually looks like the scene from the pilot when Lisa walked in on them in a too-close hug, so I think it's there to throw us off). Then we have Simon saying, "You mess with my stuff, I mess with yours." "Stuff"? Really? This guy just gets worse and worse. Letitia hits a bicyclist with her car and responds with what we'd all say in that situation, "Oh my." Jeremy asks someone, "What is she doing here?" Patrick says she's his chief of staff. Tripp looks grim. Nick's standing next to a blonde woman we've never seen (maybe she's the one who Letitia hit, and they're brining her into the family like they did with Chase?). Lisa tells someone (Nick or Karen) that they won't be happy until they see Nick and Lisa's relationship die. She says, "I've always wanted to do this," and hits Karen. Everyone comes running to see what's up. Nick gets in the middle of it, which makes me think this is the slap Peter Krause told me about. Finally!

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Dirty Sexy Money




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