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Bye Bye Birdie

Andrea comes to the Imperial and, after some small talk about Brian Jr. taking fencing lessons, says she's taking him back to Brazil. Brian stands and heatedly tells her that Brian has a life with him, and he's even going to start Maple Grove in the fall. Andrea, however, tells him that not only is she taking him, but Brian will pay for his life, if he wants him to keep living in the manner to which he's become accustomed, rounding out the theme of Who Wants The Darlings Only For Their Money in this episode. Doesn't bode well for Natalie's intentions toward Juliet, anyway. Brian Jr. comes running in at that moment in his cute little fencing outfit, and hugs his mother as they say how they missed each other. Brian looks like he wants to put an epee right through Andrea's newly Brazilian torso.

Tripp comes to see Patrick, who seems to have been expecting him. After some awkward pleasantries, Tripp reiterates his assertion that he had nothing to do with Ellen finding out about Carmelita, and says Patrick is still welcome under his roof. Patrick, however, says that they found a place over at the "Octavius," which, Tripp dangerously breathes, belongs to Elder. Patrick tells Tripp they move in in two weeks.

Brian Jr. is asking Brian if he has to go to Brazil, but Brian tells him that for now, he's just going to Queens with his mom. I don't really understand this -- if Brian wants to keep Brian Jr., I can't imagine that he doesn't have a case, particularly with the ten-high-priced-attorneys-versus-Lionel-Hutz level of legal mismatch the difference in his and Andrea's means would lead to. Nevertheless, the Brians hug goodbye, although Brian does caution Andrea not to pack just yet. Where is she even living? Didn't she abandon her place? Anyway, Andrea looks balefully at Brian before they get in the elevator. As the doors close, Brian waves: "Bye, little man." Aw!

Letitia is dubiously asking what the sock-puppet-panda on her arm is for, and Karen offhandedly tells her Freddy wanted to sell it to kids as part of a golf video. Letitia: "Oh. Maybe he wasn't a keeper." Honey, you take that back. I don't care if you can buy me and sell me. However, I will say that Jill Clayburgh's bemused expression while regarding the thing on her hand is hilarious. Karen then confesses what she did with Nick, and says she wants to marry him and that she doesn't want to go the rest of her life without having given it a try. Letitia, after almost drinking a candle, offers to help Karen. I guess I can see this, character-wise -- from her own experience, she can see that Karen has to see this through to have some peace. On the other hand, I'm not sure what help she can offer, unless she's willing to elbow Lisa into a cement mixer. How about it, Letitia? Don't you love your daughter?

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Dirty Sexy Money




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