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Dirtier Sexier...Money-er?

At another section of the table, a rather lovely brunette whose appearance is somewhat marred by an ill-fitting white satin dress returns to Patrick IV; she's his wife, Ellen [different actress, if I remember right -- CB 2008], and he takes the opportunity to introduce her to Dan Rather. Jarring to see him on a fictional show, but I suppose he has some time on his hands these days. They sit back down, and Dan Rather asks Patrick IV if he's running for Senate, and Patrick IV (oh, I'm tired of typing that; he's just Patrick from now on, given that his dad's Tripp anyway) dances around the issue in order to fill us in on the fact that he's Attorney General of New York State before allowing that the answer is a "firm maybe." A waiter then interrupts to give Patrick a whispered message, and Patrick looks chagrined as he excuses himself. When he's gone, Dan Rather asks Ellen if he's running, and she dismissively replies, "He doesn't have a choice."

Patrick heads to the front door, where he finds the fabulous Candis Cayne waiting for him, looking incredibly soignée in a short black dress and shawl. Patrick sends the doorman away and asks Candis what she's doing there; she tells him he hasn't called her and she missed him. Patrick nervously tells her she can't be there, but she forcefully informs him that he can't just tell her he loves her and then disappear for weeks at a time. The woman regularly stops oncoming traffic as part of her dance act, Patrick. I'd take her seriously. And he does, saying that he's not mad, and she should get a room at the "Ashley Square" and he'll come when the party's over. She's mollified, and he looks to make sure the coast is clear before giving her a quick smooch and sending her on her way.

Tripp is giving a speech about when he met "Tisha van Kirk" forty-four years earlier; after their initial encounter, he went back and told Dutch, his roommate at Yale ("George" is the surname, in case I didn't mention that already), that he was the luckiest man in the world. We get a quick shot of Brian as Tripp goes on how lucky the timing was, since Letitia was about to go to Italy to study fine art for a year, and then another waiter gives Nick Patrick's business card; on the back it reads "MEET ME IN THE LIBRARY NOW -- CODE PINK!!" And I'd suggest you keep your eyes peeled for Dan Rather while you're at it. Nick gets up...

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Dirty Sexy Money




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