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Dirtier Sexier...Money-er?

...and then we fade into Juliet's ashen and unconscious face. The doctor tells a stunned Tripp that she took somewhere between ten and twenty pills, "but she spilled quite a few of them into her pillow." So she's as good at suicide as she is at acting. Nice to know. The doc says he thinks after some rest, she'll be fine, and he leaves as Letitia, Karen, and a maid hover over Juliet while Tripp asks Nick if he has any clue why she'd do this. Nick bluntly says that she found out about Tripp buying her the part, and Tripp wistfully relies, "Guess we're going to have to be a little more tricky about how we lay the train tracks ahead of her, huh?" Man, Donald Sutherland is good. Nick looks disapproving, which isn't lost on Tripp, and Nick takes that opening to tell Tripp he quits. He says the job isn't him, and tersely apologizes and leaves. Anyone know how long it takes a ten-million-dollar check to clear? When Nick's gone, Tripp looks a little defeated and sad.

After the break, we're back with Nick and Naomi, who's skeptical that what he told her is all that happened. She asks about Jeremy's arrest for human trafficking, Nick's public fistfight with Brian, and Juliet's overdose. Nick's face: "No one told me there was going to be research involved." She smugly tells him he's not telling her the truth, which is a mistake, for it gives him the opening to point out that she's not telling the truth either, specifically about the ring -- it was designed in 1922 for "Tilly van Kirk," Letitia's mother. Naomi unconvincingly tries to sell another lie, but Nick bites out that Tilly gave the ring to Letitia on her sixteenth birthday, and she in turn left it on the steps of some orphanage along with a newborn baby girl. Naomi, pain all over her face, emotionally tells him to stop it. She takes a few moments to recover, then gathers her things, softly tells him again to stop it, and gets up to leave, but he stops her by asking what she was doing at his dad's funeral. She takes a long moment, and then comes back and threateningly tells him that she's going to write the article without him, and then a book, a movie, a TV show -- anything to tell the world what poison the Darlings are. Nick, evenly: "They're not poison. Just people." She counters that he can't tell the difference, and leaves.

"164 hours ago." Lisa, still upset, is asking about the kiss. He tries to tell her it was innocent, but his efforts are hampered by his phone ringing to the tune of "Pretty Woman." He has to laugh a little at his predicament as he explains that the ring is "Daisy's" idea of a joke, although he doesn't mention that what will not be a joke is the pink slip she finds on her desk when she comes in the next morning. He declines to take the call, which mollifies Lisa for a moment, but then the land line rings. Nick picks it up and tells Karen not to call him on that line as Lisa throws up her hands and leaves the room, but Karen is serious: "We have to talk, Nick. It's about Dutch."

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Dirty Sexy Money




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