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Dirtier Sexier...Money-er?

Hilariously, a Rage Against The Machine song kicks up as the Darling motorcade slows to a stop; as he gets out of the lead car, we get a close-up of Donald Sutherland, and we then snap a black-and-white photo, captioned with his name, "Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III." The paparazzi go nuts as a veil-sporting Jill Clayburgh gets out after him and says she wants to die. Well, we've been over the Kennedy comparison; maybe your wish will come true. Jill's name is "Letitia Darling," just so we know what to inscribe on her headstone. Next is "Karen Darling," accompanied by a fratty guy, who some reporter asks how it feels to leave the PGA to be her husband. Unless he's the fictional equivalent of Tiger Woods, I'm guessing his gig at least pays better. [I was right! And oh, Freddy. I miss you. -- CB 2008] We see Naomi at the funeral; given that Peter Krause takes note of her, I suppose we should too. You don't want to be outsmarted by a guy whose best known quote is "NARM!"

The next Darling to appear is a kid-toting "Patrick Darling IV," played by Billy Baldwin; the reporters' questions are used here to tell us that he's suspected of planning to announce a bid for the Senate. Juliet Darling is wearing a fur of some sort and is beloved by fans; given that she's played by Samaire "CONNNFIDENCE, Cohen!" Armstrong, I'm thinking this is a new experience for her. Oh, okay, she wasn't that bad on Entourage, but still, that's the line that will always echo in my sad little brain when I see her. Juliet blathers something about rehearsals going well, and then the ne'erest of the ne'er-do-wells, a cigarette-smoking, shirt-untucked, sunglasses-to-hide-the-raging-hangover-sporting "Jeremy Darling," appears. Jeremy is played by Seth Gabel, who was Famke Janssen's completely fucked-up son Adrian on Nip/Tuck, and that's another actor association of which you can bet your ass I'm going to have some trouble letting go. [But I have now! I swear! At least until F/X airs another marathon! -- CB 2008] A guy who's a dead ringer for Edward Norton tells Juliet, "The rumor is that you can't act at all." Maybe the casting director was savvier than I thought. As Jeremy puts his arm around Juliet and leads her away, she brightly asks when he got back from Tahiti. Jeremy: "About thirty minutes and six double espressos ago." How the Foley guys resisted the urge to put a mouse's heartbeat on the soundtrack, I'll never know.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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