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Dirtier Sexier...Money-er?

At this point, most of the Darlings have gone inside, but Patrick IV is still out on the stairs, telling reporters how Peter Krause's dad was like a second father to him. Or a first father, if I'm reading this show right, but there will be plenty of time for that. [SIGH. -- CB 2008] Patrick IV's malingering allows Peter Krause to call to him, and Patrick IV rushes over and gets him and his family through the crowd. More importantly, he supplies the name "Nick" for Peter Krause's character, and it's not like I didn't like Billy Baldwin already, but anyone who saves me typing work gets bonus points as well. (Seriously, Three Of Hearts is one of my favorite cheeseball movies. And Sars will kill me for telling you this, but she totally cried at it.)

Inside, a priest is greeting people; he takes Nick's hand and shoulder and tells him he's sorry. Nick regards him somewhat coldly, so it's not a complete surprise when he berates Nick for his father supposedly "inserting himself" into the Darling family. I thought his anger through the episode was odd and somewhat cartoonish, but given the revelation at the end, I'm inclined to think he knew about the affair all along, so that lets me concentrate less on acting choices and more on the fact that this is one hot Irish man of the cloth. And said hottie is "Rev. Brian Darling," who says he and Nick shouldn't fight before hilariously adding, "I hate you." (Oh, dude, I just realized this actor, Glenn Fitzgerald, played Aaron Buchbinder on Six Feet Under. I think he will be not only hotter but also far less depressing on this show.) As Nick leads his family inside, his wife begs him to tell her they'll never have to see these people again. Nick: "Done." Sure. Great series!

Back from the title card that leads us to believe Nick is a Dirty Sexy LIAR, we see him getting dressed in formal wear as his wife somewhat amusedly (...okay) asks why he's having a drink with Tripp. Nick tells her that Tripp wants to start a charitable fund in his dad's name, so he's going to do the paperwork and then they'll be done. Look, Nick, that's all very lovely, but you can get the papers by something called a "messenger service." It costs less that dry cleaning your tux does. His wife considers that, and then throws a towel over his head (...I'm starting to think she's a little weird) before telling him not to turn into a pumpkin. Nick: "I'm not gonna turn into anything." Even the Man Who Doth Protest Too Much? Because I think you just did.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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