Fall Pilot Season: Do Not Disturb

by Zach Oat September 11, 2008
Do Not Disturb Premiere

Rhonda throws a Sex at Work seminar for the department heads -- Nicole learns that she's the front desk supervisor, and says "ew." A blonde who shuns responsibility and has drunk sex regularly? The stock characters are ripening early this year, aren't they? Turns out she got the job when the last front desk supervisor was fired for having a penis. Um, I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Nicole is apparently a model, and doesn't want her still fairly low-responsibility job interfering with her career. And she's a model, no less! This just keeps getting better. Neal enters excitedly, thinking he's there to try out a new masseuse, and the security guy closes the door behind him. Realizing he's been tricked, he asks if this is another intervention for Nicole. Aaaaand she's an addict. Wow. In 30 seconds, we've just seen an entire character fleshed out before our eyes, and by fleshed out, I mean cut out of cardboard. Corrugated cardboard, but still cardboard.

The credits roll on a training video about on-the-job relationships, and Rhonda acknowledges that not all of them will end in murder-suicide, like the one on the video apparently did. Neal mock-shudders, says he's scared straight, and goes to leave, but Rhonda calls him out. Neal says he only treats the women at the hotel with respect, but the staff run down the various things he does to seduce and/or harass women, including suavely introducing himself and giving out his business card. Well, neither of those seems so bad, although they've apparently worked on two people in the room. Most people look at Nicole, who smiles awkwardly, revealing yet another side to her multi-faceted personality; Larry looks at the bearded chef. Neal promises not to hit on any more staffers, and also to zip up his fly, which was down in anticipation of getting a massage. Inappropriate! Cue A Different World music, and, mercifully, a commercial.

Neal stands at the for-some-reason-unmanned front desk as Tasha descends the stairs in an incredibly short skirt. Not only is it short, I think it has a slit in it. Oh, and she has a lot of cleavage on display, too. What kind of kinky love hotel is this? Do they have hourly rates? Tasha calls Neal cute and funny, which he takes as a signal to introduce himself and give her his business ca-- whoa, whoa, whoa! Neal realizes that he's doing his routine moves on her, and stops himself, remembering the solemn promise he made while his fly was down. He goes to leave, but she chases him, and asks him to join her on her break -- even though that would leave the front desk totally unmanned -- so they can "get to know each other['s genitalia] better." Neal awkwardly turns her down, saluting her as an employee. Literally, he salutes her. A Different World cue.

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