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But then, one thrown piece of something later, he raises his hand to hit Tiny Tim and the Doctor gets all manner of stern about that, but then he doesn't hit Tiny Tim, and this is a sign that Scrooge is not all bad, so a tiny rainbow of stars flies across the screen, because we've all learned something: Hitting people is bad! We hate people who hit children! We're good people, the good folks who don't care for child-hitters. Soak up your feelings about that, it really sets you apart. From all those people out there who condone child abuse.

There's two kinds of cynicism: The kind that says the world is awful, which is lazy and a good way to care about nothing. And then there's the kind that sells you self-righteousness as an antidote. Neither of them are actually about doing anything about anything, but at least one of them feels good. In play here, I can't decide. I just know I'd rather not have to worry about it when I can watch the Doctor flapping his hands around, of which he does a jolly load in this episode, because whether or not we're being sold something I don't believe for a second that he's got any cynicism in him at all.

The Doctor figures out that Scrooge was himself a beaten child, but not by the obvious signs of him hitting a kid, no: By the arrangement of chairs around the room, all of which face away from the dour face of Scrooge Senior's portrait on the wall. Moffatt's like a person who's read a lot about human beings in the library, and certainly rereads his own scripts for inspiration on a regular basis, but never actually met a real example of either. I sure hope this episode ends with a bunch of sappy music and people hugging in a montage. That will be super Christmassy.

Anyway, apparently the Doctor heard that whole speech Scrooge gave about Christmas as he was coming down the chimney, even though the TARDIS showed up well after that, because he tells Scrooge it's okay to love Christmas and that he's not like his scary hitting sort of dad, because Scrooge himself is just like Christmas: Halfway out of the dark.

Well. Didn't hate that part.

Back to the USS Lensflare, where things are going to continual shit and yet it never ever crashes, and the Doctor discusses the situation as it stands: "I've tracked the machine that unlocks the cloud belt. I could use it to clear you a flight corridor and you could land easily. But I can't control the machine. But I've met a man who can. And he hates me." Amy, who's been delightful throughout the conversation, cocks a brow of her own: "Were you being extra charming and clever?" They're cute together sometimes.

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